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Namaste Dear Sacred Mama’s

Namaste Dear Sacred Mamas,

This month we come into the Hindu celebration of Maha Shivratri honoring Lord Shiva and his union with Parvatri and St. Valentines Day This is the month to honor love and union. Two key principles in awakening our fertility. In honor of these holidays, I would like to share a beautiful myth of Shiva and Shakti with you from the Kundalini Tantra tradition.

Shiva is the masculine force, the contemplative, still, all knowing divine current. Shakti is the always changing, creative feminine force. Together they are the ultimate experience of bliss, of union, of the coming together of all opposites in a non-dual state of oneness.   Shiva without Shakti is dormant energy, sleeping without purpose. Shakti without Shiva is chaotic and disorganized. Shakti needs Shiva to give her creative energy direction and content. Shiva needs Shakti to give his all knowing consciousness movement and energy to manifest. When Shiva and Shakti are united all separation ends and unlimited bliss is experienced by all. Continue reading

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Open Your Heart – Not Just Today, But Every Day by Pamela Lyn

Open Your Heart – Not Just Today, But Every Day – Written By: Pamela Lyn

Valentine’s Day. Some people relish the opportunity to celebrate the ones they care about most, while others find it trivial.

The truth is, regardless of how you feel, you cannot ignore Valentine’s Day — we are marketed to from every angle; bombarded with heart-shaped objects, red and pink color schemes, and reminders to honor and appreciate.

But do we really need a calendar event to coax us to speak our truth? To share our admiration and open our hearts? Shouldn’t we always be communicating with our partners, offering kindness to those we care about (and to strangers as well)? Shouldn’t gratitude be a part of day to day life in order to support a healthy heart, mind, and body?

Therefore, how can we take Valentine’s Day, a single day event, and expand it, weave it through our entire year?

Through yoga of course! Continue reading

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POSE OF THE MONTH: Rebecca Soule Chooses Bakasana Crow Pose

February Pose of the Month: Rebecca Soule Chooses Bakasana

Bakasana, or Crow Pose is commonly the first arm balance that yogis land. Enjoy the journey and remember achieving it, because there is nothing like your first successful flight! Besides being something to aim for, the core strength, mental focus and challenge that the posture requires are all qualities we want to cultivate as yogis. Physical health, mental stability and adaptability are required to thrive, and this pose gives us the opportunity to develop all three attributes. Beyond these benefits, if standing on your hands is something you’re into, Bakasana is a key step along the way- once you’re adept at it, you can really play with feeling the weight of your body on the fronts and backs of your hands, the movement of your head and core as it coordinates to keep you balanced on them, and more. Continue reading

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COMMUNITY PARTNER: Belle Fée (A Spiritual Beauty Health Spa)

Belle Fée is a spiritual beauty health spa!


1) Rose Facial — includes hand and feet massage & light therapy (no extraction) = $95 … With extraction = $115

2) Discount on the bundle of Rose Products which includes: Monoi de Tahiti Rose (a body, face, & hair oil) Monoi vs Mummy Wrinkles (a concentrated rose and Retin-A facial oil), Crème de Monoi Rose (a rich moisturizing facial cream), the Hand & Body Rose Butter, and Eau de Rose (floral Rose water) = all for $195

3) Or 15% off each Rose product if purchased individually Continue reading

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HEALER OF THE MONTH: Andre Yershov Acupuncture

Andre Yershov Acupuncture

Andre Yershov is an acupuncturist and herbalist, helping with pain, allergies and infertility in Midtown, Manhattan, since 1997.

For the past 20 years Andre Yershov has been honored to share benefits of Chinese medicine with local families, and has seen many lives being transformed through gentle and yet very powerful means of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Andre practices the Yi Jing style of acupuncture, which is great for resolving headache, back pain, neck pain, sciatic pain, seasonal allergies, digestive disorders and other conditions. It also helps to balance hormones and enhance child bearing function. Continue reading

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YTT Teacher Highlight of the Month by Tania Kazi

Like most people, it is the challenges of life that brought me to yoga and meditation. Encountering pain made me re-examine my choices, behaviors and subsequent patterns that created my life, and that contemplation led me on to the path of meditation.

Yoga in its entirety encapsulates the eight limbs that guide one into living a meditative, awakened and enriched life. Therefore, whether it is the practice of being watchful of one’s conduct as the Yamas teach us or practicing Pratyahara, the inward turning of sensory perception, or Asana as a gateway to the final meditation in corpse pose; all these teachings contribute toward the inner journey.  A journey far richer than the one our eyes can perceive. We learn through meditation how to tune into the well of wisdom that exists inside each and every one of us.  Continue reading

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Sonic Teacher Training Journey

I feel that my journey through Sonic’s Teacher Training can only be told through poetry…..because it allows for raw and unapologetic ways in which it has enriched my life.

It’s like going on vacation with one suitcase and leaving with ten and then frustrated that you had to pay extra to check bags. It’s like the feeling you get when you rock that head stand for the first time…even for a moment.. like all the hard work you put in was worth the wait. It’s like looking up at the night sky you feel small but safe because you know you’re a part of something bigger. It’s like a sunburn that lingers and stings because painful memories came to the surface and how dare you but they never let you leave without Aloe. The realization that it’s OK to be hurt and angry and scared and confused…. It’s that sharp-toothed beautiful dreadful aggravating all encompassing I can’t breath kinda love…. the kinda love where it was better to experience for one second then not at all…and how can I ever repay that?

Continue reading

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New Moon Reset Healing Meditation Call with Lauren Hanna

Join Lauren for a collective meditation teleconference call. Together we will chant, vibrate, and harness our creative energy to cultivate a powerful healing intention for ourselves, friends, the planet and all beings everywhere.  The darkness of the new moon is a potent juncture for creating and manifesting your dream visions.  Let’s gather to heal our bodies, minds, and hearts and send out blessings to all.  This practice will be nourishing to the soul and uplifting to your mind. All Welcome Free.
Register in advance for this meeting to receive the call in details:
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Keep Warm in Costa Rica! by Christopher Temple

Namaste Dear Yogis and Friends,
If I haven’t seen you, Happy New Year! How are your resolutions coming along? I don’t usually make big resolutions but this year I have committed to 30 days of Hanumanasana (splits pose) I’m taking 3 minutes on both sides. Yowza!!! It is a reminder to me that getting where I want to go in life is not always a comfortable path. I believe that adversity and discomfort can be the universe’s way of testing us to see how deeply we are committed to the things that we desire. When things don’t come to me as fast as I like, I’m tempted to give up but instead I’ll refocusing my gaze towards my intention and taking things step by step and bit by bit. The results will come when they are ready.
Stay warm this winter, give yourself extra time to warm up before practice and if the cold gets to be too much you can always come with us to Costa Rica in February. Hope to see you on the mat!!!
Big warm hugs,
Christopher Temple
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