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Healer of the Month: Angela Aiello

Healer of the Month: Angela Aiello, LMT
Massage Therapy.  Reiki.  Yoga.  Personal Training.

Angela’s core philosophy of healing is one that equally values the physical and energetic systems of the body in order to foster and sustain a state of ease, balance, vitality and flow throughout one’s entire being.  Angela understands how a patient’s physical and spiritual systems can be disrupted through injury, accidents, and trauma and how these disruptions can develop into chronic pain and damaging patterns.  Her approach to each session begins with gentle and mindful listening followed up a thorough healing protocol designed to address each client’s specific and unique condition.

Drawing form her own rigorous personal training combined with an extensive education Angela’s healing not only relieves pain and stress, but restores and reorders proper habits of coordination, a person can re-shape their body and their experience towards life-long wellness.

Her massage style is a blend of the most effective and enjoyable elements of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Craniosacral.  With an intuitive use of gentle stretches and acupressure points, Angela’s massage is deeply restorative, nurturing and refreshing.

Angela graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City and is a New York State licensed. She also is a certified personal trainer, 200-h RYT through Sonic Yoga, Reiki healer, Bach Flower therapist.

FOR THE SONIC COMMUNITY: 25% OFF on your first treatment.    

For more information email: or txt: 914-826-7642


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SAT. NOV. 11th at 7pm – Community Performances & Art show at Sonic Yoga!

More Info coming soon. 

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Namaste Dear Teachers by Lauren Hanna

Namaste Dear Teachers,
My favorite time of year is upon us both the Fall Equinox and The Hindu Festival of Navaratri begin tomorrow Sept. 21 st ! I have been exploring different ways of staying connected to you all after the endings of the 200-hour programs. My desire is to continue to support and guide you on your Yoga journeys and to be
accessible to answer your questions and help you move through obstacles on your path. I hope to provide practical tools for integrating your sadhana into the natural rhythm of your lives. Please join me as my guest for an Equinox ~ Navaratri Mediation Collective Call for TT Alumni 9/21 at 7pm EST. I also
invite you to join me for my Inner Flow Meditation Teleconference series every Monday at 7pm EST. This is a wonderful 10-week series to get your meditation practice back on track. It includes weekly calls and HW assignments to help cultivate discipline and ultimately grounding and freedom. I look forward to
connecting with you all soon.

With Deep Gratitude and Love Lauren

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How Yoga Changed My Life by Rima Zabian

My yoga journey first began in 1999 after a very serious accident that left me with some significant physical injuries, including the inability to walk without assistance for a period, and the inability to sit for more than 20 minutes at a time.  I was a student  at home in Canada and a friend from my university recommended yoga. I’d ‘sort of’ heard of it, but really didn’t know anyone who practiced.  Desperate to do anything to alleviate the pain I was suffering, I decided to give it a try.  My first class was held in the basement of a church and there were 9 people in the class. The instructor, Perri, who until this day, I think of often and respect immensely was the perfect person to have taught my first class. She was one of those instructors who authentically cared about her students and is what I perceive to be a true yogi. She practices and lives the principals wholeheartedly. 

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Prenatal Practice by Sarah Ireland

10 years ago, pregnant for the first time, I was lucky enough to have a doula as a dear friend. During those 9 months she helped to open my eyes to the humbling, empowering and extraordinary experience of bringing a baby into the world.

It may seem strange that something could be both humbling and empowering. But it was humbling to witness my own body performing such a miracle as sustaining another life. And it was crazy empowering as I was able to make choices based on information I had received from other women. So I’m super excited about the upcoming prenatal programming at Sonic Yoga, where such vital information will be passed on to teachers and mamas. Continue reading

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Teacher of the Month: Keith Partington

Don’t forget your Self.
Teaching can drain you. Even the pursuit of trying become a teacher can be a lot to keep up. While we love what we do, this is an energetic practice and we give ourselves in order to do it well. At some point, the well runs dry and our teaching, not to mention our daily being, suffers. The mind tells you “you’re fine”. Your heart and spirit know otherwise.
If a deliberate commitment to Self care isn’t made, it won’t happen. What we give to our students and clients must be turned back in our direction once in a while. We only have something to offer if we have something, something in abundance, to draw upon. Most of us are aware of this premise, the tricky part comes when we allow ourselves to get caught up all who need a helping hand, at the expense of our Selves.
Kindness and awareness of others are natural effects of practicing yoga. It’s a strength
to want to be there for others, and give all to our classes and clients, friends and
family. Practicing yoga also requires discipline and self awareness. Enough self
awareness to see in the mirror the one you’ve maybe neglected a bit. Continue reading

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Commonwealth of Dominica, Southern Caribbean
August 2000

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THE CREATIVE SONIC: Amanda Glick, Artist

“My name is Amanda Glick, I am a Cooper Union School of Art graduate and I recently became a certified yoga instructor after attending the 200hr intensive teacher training program at Sonic Yoga. As an artist, I specialize in acrylic painting. Lately, I’ve been making playful, simplistic paintings which emphasize my love of color. See attached my chakra paintings.”
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Healing and Nurturing the Soul

Vata season has begun. As the fall winds start to blow, if we look for it, we’ll notice a paradox of stillness takes the air. The leaves start to change and fall to the ground. Flowers bend and die and their roots will patiently wait in silence for rebirth. Some of the other animals will make their preparations to hibernate for the winter months.
This is a time for allowing the dissolution to begin, letting the little deaths of what we don’t need take place around us to create space for drawing within. Perhaps we can be a bit more minimalistic to allow us to draw our energies towards centering. We can conserve our resources for what we need, letting go of exhaustive efforts and instead spend these efforts toward inner healing and nurturing the soul. I personally am starting a cleanse as I write this because, as nature uses this time to clear away things on her own. I like to make my own efforts to do some of my own clearing away. I allow a little death of my everyday habits so that I can clear away a path towards deeper self realization. See you on the other side and in between.
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CONTEST! Win An Adventure for Two! Easy as 1,2,3

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Win 2 adventures with Destination Backcountry Adventures! They are a Brooklyn-based adventure guiding company dedicated to bringing our love of the outdoors to the city that needs it most. Winner receives 2 adventures. Winner chosen at random on Sept. 16th.

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More Info on Destination Backcountry

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