YTT Alumni student of the month: Marie Gabreau

After three years in NYC, it is time to move back home. 
Paris, France, bien sûr!
I remember when I moved to the US, I had, deep inside, the strong belief that something important and life changing will happen there. I did not know what to expect. Now, looking back to these three beautiful years, I know it was Yoga. 
Yoga invited itself to my life little by little, first as a fitness practice and soon as a daily routine and a form of expression. 
I never thought about teaching, but curiosity for the philosophy and the practice of yoga led me to Sonic Yoga and the Teacher Training.  I had no idea what this journey would bring…. 
– An amazing community with genuine and strong people, beautiful souls. They all became my teachers in their own way;
– Me. Connecting with the breath, feeling and acknowledging the subtle body, being mindful of now, all these were key to find and reach my own sacred place ; 
– Trust. Trust within the Universe but also myself, as I learned to recognize and accept limitations and strength. 
– Creativity. After high school, there were not many opportunities to express my creativity. It was buried inside. But the teacher training, brought it back. It was just waiting to blossom in something that feels organic.
After three years in this hectic city full of contrast, I leave more grounded and serene, ready to teach and to learn more and more….
NY was only the beginning of the journey!
Paris, me voilà!
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