Yogi of the Month: Neeta Handa


WHERE YOU GREW UP: New Delhi, India

WHEN YOU MOVED TO NYC: 3 years ago

OCCUPATION: Journey from Office to Om…Human Resource Manager to a healer and a budding yoga teacher.

AGE: 34

FAVORITE MUSICIAN: music is oxygen to me. Music moves my soul. Pink Floyd to Eric Clapton to Mariah Carey to Shania Twain to Ed Sheeran and everything in between. Jagjit Singh to Sonu Nigam to Ali Zafar to Snatam Kaur to Hare Krishna (Hindi/Urdo).

FAVORITE MOVIE: Julie and Julia, Eat Pray Love and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (Hindi)

FAVORITE BOOK; Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, Paulo Coelho’s The Aleph, The Bhagavad Gita By Eknath Easwaran

HOBBIES: I love to cook and feed my friends and family. Love to read and usually stay in an affair with two/three books at a time. Experimenting with herbs for herbal/green tea. Love to collect songs and savor them on repeat mode. Listen to pod casts. Gaze moon. Collect poems, quotes and meme. Act and emote. Nature and landscape photography.

GOALS IN LIFE: Evolve Evolve Evolve and move towards my goals- Make myself more available to people as a healer and a yoga teacher; Become more familiar with the intricacies of my body and step into the power that I am. Spread happiness through good food; travel to capture the bliss of nature, provide home and love to two fur babies, spread love and sparkle where ever I go and make the impossible the possible-Work in some capacity with Shah Rukh Khan.

PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: I strongly believe that we are spirits experiencing human life and that changes everything – our perceptions about people, relationships, world and life; the external and internal expectations; the conditioning of our minds. I have come to believe in no titles or any kind of identities that limits my experiences of life and so accept and respect everyone’s space and understanding from only one place and that’s love. Having said that I deeply feel that we all evolve and the only true way to one’s existence is to be grateful for the life that we have and the experiences we have on our journey that evolves us.

FAVORITE SEASON: Spring for sure! Nature blooms at its best during Spring and so is everyone 🙂 

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PRACTICING YOGA? I started practicing Yoga 10 years ago, although it was only three years ago that I religiously embraced Yoga in its true sense.

WHAT DOES YOGA DO FOR YOU? “Yoga citta vritti nirodhah”. ‘Pure awareness and modifications of consciousness is Yoga.’ Yoga is the correct way of living for me. It is the practice to connect my mind, body and soul. It is a means to determine who I am and who I want to be. It’s a discipline and a ritual. Yes, it is much beyond the yoga mat but a lot makes me aware of my inner workings by how I perform on that sacred mat. It’s a way of expression and a practice that helps me to evolve. It creates the possibility of slowly moving and experiencing the other dimensions of life.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN COMING TO SONIC? This month is my one year anniversary with Sonic love…Yay!! Although it feels nothing less than a decade that I am a part of this beautiful sangha. 

WHAT CLASSES DO YOU USUALLY TAKE? At Sonic there’s a teacher for everyone and every teacher has something precious to offer. I love and crave Johanna’s soulful vinyasa flows. She draws inspirations from nature, love and the every day energies around us and very intuitively she instructs her classes every single time that just so stays with me. Her selection of music, theme and the vinyasa cycle is so magical and yet so real! Lisa’s sessions are another must for me to work on my right alignment and discipline. Her chants, affirmations and guidance linger long in me and bring a shift in my inner workings. Elizabeth’s classes work in the same way for me-the discipline and the alignment. And to keep me happy-pappy, to sweat a little extra, to release all toxins and to bring a big grin I take Chris’s class every single week! I always look forward to Lauren’s classes and workshops – full of soulful chants, kirtan, live music – a beautiful teacher guiding for a wholesome experience of Yoga. Jeffery’s flows and his trance dance session leaves one to explore just another side of one’s being and release all that’s not serving one any more.

 WHAT DOES PEACE OF MIND MEAN TO YOU? It’s when I listen to the whispering of my soul and quite the chatter of my mind. It is also being mindful of my own self, as well as that of other’s space. And the idea of love…the feeling of being loved!

 FAVORITE NEW YORK MEMORY: my first ever day in Manhattan: I wandered on the streets of mid-town to down town all by myself, in just the company of a precious little map of Manhattan. It was nothing less than my own Alice in wonderland <3

FAVORITE PLACE IN MANHATTAN: Central Park and of course SONIC!!

 WHAT INSPIRES YOU: Love and Music.


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