Spring Has Clearly Sprung! By Christopher Temple

Spring Has Clearly Sprung!

I was just riding my bike through Central Park this week and I saw all the cherry blossoms in full bloom.  An inspiring sign; the miracle of new life entering the world.

Spring is a wonderful time to welcome new things into our lives.

It is also a great time to release the things that are no longer serving us to make room for new miracles. By releasing these things that burden us, we can find clearer paths to refocus energies towards our goals and aspirations or maybe find new horizons to travel to. In my own life, I am doing a cleanse to help center and reset myself. It allows me to quiet my thoughts, to minimalize myself to the bare essentials and realign towards clearer pathways of joy. I’ll be posting more about it on Instagram so make sure you check us out there. Do you have a “Spring Cleaning” technique that you would like to share with us? Post a picture or a video on Instagram and let us know what you’re up to. Tag us at #sonicyoga
Christopher Temple
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