THE SONIC CREATIVE: Caroline Alarcón Loor, Photographer/Visual Artist

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What do you love about yoga?  I love yoga because it me stops me from wondering about everything, and it opens every side of my body and after savasana (corpse pose)  I feel so much love and peace towards everything, it might be some type of secret ritual for for the body… Yoga has also healed me, it healed an injured shoulder that I had in a car accident, a constant pain that not even regular therapy could help. I thank my teachers for this, Keith Partington, Christopher Temple and Johanna Bell. 

How do you come up with a concept for a photograph? What is your process?  My process might be the slowest of the usual if it’s my own project. I might be inspired by a person but the feeling (editing process) will come in after a while. But the results are different if I were to process the photos right after.  I keep my photos as if they were unfinished stories until i work on them.  Unless it’s a paid photoshoot for a client, I take my time.

What artists inspire you most?  So many artists inspire me, from all over but my brother inspired me the most when I decided to chose the path to study photography, he showed me at first glance of what I love now, which is abstract art. I love Man Ray, and the psychology (only) of Salvador Dali and the landscapes and simplicity of Richard Misrach’s landscapes. I hope to meet him one day.    Also my sister who is a fashion stylist, she dresses me when I have an important event to go to and now I’m giving so much more importance to the wardrobe in my clients than before because of that. And at last, the comedies of William Shakespeare. 

Did you study photography in school? If so where?  I studied photography a little after starting college, I went to school to study Psychology but I was choosing more art classes than anything. I then went to study studio photography at LGCC but that didn’t go so well as I let a professor discourage me, she wasn’t thrilled about my photography and almost ignored me thoughtout the whole class, so I dropped that major but then I decided to go out there and photograph what I love, my work got better and people began to ask me to photograph them… I then switched to fine arts and got my bachelors with a concentration in photography and visual arts from Hunter College.  I don’t regret it because I love art in general, and I’m thankful to have learned to work with many mediums to make art with my hands. I then, continued to take classes at the International Center of Photography for studio lighting and The School of Visual arts for guidance on a current project Im working on that deals with immigrants.  

What is your favorite color?  My favorite color is black, but also the sea   colors..I’m from the coast of Ecuador and as a child my family and I used to go to the beach often, so it just brings that joy back in my heart.

What is exciting to you about the creative world in New York?  NYC: Art Mecca. I am so lucky to be leaving in this city, I thought I wasn’t going to like it when my parents decided to bring me here without asking me first (ha!) but now I am happy, there’s so many art galleries to see, so many museums, so many undiscovered  artists, and art performances to see, the art scene is just how you see it in the movies, last Saturday Arantxa Ajauro asked me to shoot one of the performances which was called “We Are Light”. It was amazing, to see live art,to see people’s reactions, the feeling it brings it’s just like reading a powerful book. I recommend you  to go out there and see some art! Just ask me if you see me around the studio for recommendations.

What is your soundtrack while taking photographs?  My soundtrack? Hmmmm, when I’m shooting in a studio, on Pandora I play a lot of moderat and if the concept of the shoot is glamour, then I play Ella Fitzgerald. 

Favorite Musicians?  My favorite musician now are Nicolas Jaar and Elle Fitzgerald. But I love world tribal  and electronic music in general.

Favorite Book?  So many! But lots of self- help books! The comedies of Shakespeare, and in the Spanish language my favorites have been some of Paulo Cohelo’s because he also gets inspired by other literature. 

Favorite Movie?  Artificial Intelligence, and Mr. Nobody, and the editing of the movie Snatch. 

Favorite Photographer?  Mario Testino, Cindy Sherman and Richard Misrach. 

Favorite Museum?  It’s a battle between the MoMa and the Guggenheim. I love the collection that the MoMa has but I love the structure of the Guggenheim and their carefully selected art that they exhibit. 

Do you think yoga helps your creativity?  Yoga has also helped me be more confident, at Sonic nobody treats me different just because I am a minority. I feel welcomed and loved and this studio, this is why sonic is like one of my homes!

How long have you been taking class at Sonic? I have been practicing at Sonic more than 5 years, or a little more but I became more active since last year, then I decided to do my teacher training at Sonic to deepen my practice.  One of the best decisions I have ever made.

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