RESTORATIVE PRANA FLOW with Jeffrey Scott Duval

RESTORATIVE PRANA FLOW with Jeffrey Scott Duval
Jeffrey is back! He is excited to share some fresh takes on old classics that focus on the restorative components that naturally derive from the Prana Flow Namaskars and sequences. While the practices are being labeled “restorative”, they differ from the classical yin practices and other static or still ‘proped-up’ practices in that they retain the dynamic vinyasa that are hallmarksks of the Prana Flow system developed by Shiva Rea, yet are more sustainable in effort, many of the asanas are modifications with use of props for ultimate ease and support. Innovative and accessible in nature, these workshops are perfect for anyone looking for an engaging breath-guided and balancing practice.
Early Bird Price (Before February 18th) $40
Regular Price $50
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