POSE OF THE MONTH: Taquice Campbell Chooses Eka Pada Koundinyasana II

Taquice Campbell Chooses Eka Pada Koundinyasana II 

With the Summer Solstice just behind us, we continue to celebrate our connection to the Sun and the Earth. The rays of light fill the atmosphere and nourish our fully bloomed intentions with positive energy and a bit of fire. The time is opportunistic to harness the vitality of the warmer days to practice a more challenging pose. Eka Pada Koundinyasana II embodies such a physical challenge and purports a balance between the ego and the physical self, both of which are particularly active during this time of year. As the heart advances itself forward to the earth, it allows the back leg to leverage in contrast. A solid and fully engaged core is essential to the steadiness of this posture which is complemented with arm strength and focused breath. 

How to:
From downward facing dog, step the right foot on the outside of the right hand shifting the shoulders over the wrists. The left leg extends behind with the toes remaining tucked and the heel pressing back. Work the right shoulder under the knee allowing the right hand to frame the front foot. Arms should be shoulder width’s distance apart, much like the alignment for Chaturanga dandasana. Inch the extended left leg’s toes back to stretch the hip. Palms planted firmly into the ground, inch the right toes forward until the heel eases off of the earth. Leverage the torso slightly forward to splay the right leg off center and towards the right extending through to the ball of the foot. Connect to the core to float the back leg from the ground as you hug the elbows in towards the rib cage. Remember to breathe and root the fingertips to engage the upper body. When ready, release the left toes back to the ground, and step back to downward facing dog. Repeat on the left side.
The effects of this pose are to strengthen and energize through the complexities of balance. Make sure to properly warm up the wrists, upper arms, and hips. Approach the pose with an open mind and a forgiving heart…
Om shanti, Namaste.

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