Mitch Polon: How Yoga Teacher Training Influenced My Life

Mitch Polon: How Yoga Teacher Training Influenced My Life

After completing my Sonic 200 hour TT program, my practice and awareness his been exponentially heightened. I walked into the program to learn the necessities to teach. What I walked out with was a greater understand of my Self, my body and my spirituality.

The teachers gave me the tools to find my own voice and unlock my potential. I’ve become more curious than ever as to the magic that my personal yoga practice has become as it enriches my life on a daily basis. Through awareness of breathing, meditation and intention, the Sonic program has prepared me for a my journey towards enlightenment and betterment.

I am so grateful to my Sonic family of teachers and guides. I have already begun offering private lessons to clients in their homes, am planning my own classes to begin this September, and auditioning in gyms and studios in the near future. I had signed on for the 300 hour advanced training course as I have the desire to continue my studies and to learn as much as possible, not only for my own personal awareness, but so I can be the best I can be for those who will come to me requesting my teaching and guidance.

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