Love For Tania Kazi’s Sound Healing & Meditation Workshop

“Attending Tania Kazi’s sound healing & meditation class was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Before the class, I admit, I wasn’t sure how it worked or if it would work at all, all I knew for sure is that I needed to heal. 
During the class, I still was a little skeptical, but it didn’t matter, something bigger than myself allowed me to surrender to it (I’m short, so a lot of things are bigger than me, but in this instance I’m referring to something that transcends a name or definition).
As I was laying on the yoga mat and Tania was playing the singing bowls, It felt like I was swimming with my thoughts instead of fighting them. To experience my thoughts without judgment is something so rare. Rare like a watching a Rastafarian penguin ride on a dolphin’s back and swim into a sunset kind of rare. Yep, it almost never happens for me. 
After the class was over, it was clear to me that I just did something powerful. I believe part of why the class is so powerful is because Tania doesn’t show up knowing how she’s going to play the bowls, she reads the energy in the room and plays the bowls accordingly. I could go on and on about the unexpected benefits I’ve experienced from the sound healing class, but if I were to boil it down, I’d say it felt like all my systems aligned in harmony. 
Mentally, I felt clarity, like I could tackle one thing at a time and everything will be okay. I felt like I could be courageous, like I could speak up and give my feedback about something the way I’m doing now, and it would matter. Physically, I felt taller (Although there’s nothing wrong with being short, life is short, but people seem to like it). I felt more space in my body, like my organs were in healing mode, and my muscles are ready to work.
I am so grateful to Tania for orchestrating such a tremendously glorious class. I can’t wait to take my loved ones to her next class. After what I’ve told them about my experience, they’re reasonably skeptical. I mean, I basically told them that I listened to the sound of singing bowls and that the bowls have magic healing powers, but ultimately I know their hesitation to believe in it won’t matter. All they have to do is show up (and they’ll be swimming and singing like Dory from Finding Nemo singing “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, what do we do? we swim.swim.swim.”) hehehe :)” – Amanda
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