New Moon and You by Christopher Temple

Hope you had the chance to soak in some of the strawberry moon’s beams over the weekend.
It’s a great time to spend time with your loved ones outside exploring nature. It’s a wonderful time for big dreams and making plans to manifest them. Set your sights for visiting someplace new.
It can even be a new nook of our own wonderful Central Park. Have you been to see Belvedere’s Castle?
Remember to keep cool now that the summer’s heat is starting to kick in. Balance out your to do lists with time to cool off in the shade and lay low. Have a sweet minty water or a juicy piece of melon. Pitta seasons starting to heat up so make sure you are balancing your beautiful self with a cooling lunar practice so you don’t wind up being crank pants to the ones you love.

See you on the mat!

Christopher Temple

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