Healing and Nurturing the Soul

Vata season has begun. As the fall winds start to blow, if we look for it, we’ll notice a paradox of stillness takes the air. The leaves start to change and fall to the ground. Flowers bend and die and their roots will patiently wait in silence for rebirth. Some of the other animals will make their preparations to hibernate for the winter months.
This is a time for allowing the dissolution to begin, letting the little deaths of what we don’t need take place around us to create space for drawing within. Perhaps we can be a bit more minimalistic to allow us to draw our energies towards centering. We can conserve our resources for what we need, letting go of exhaustive efforts and instead spend these efforts toward inner healing and nurturing the soul. I personally am starting a cleanse as I write this because, as nature uses this time to clear away things on her own. I like to make my own efforts to do some of my own clearing away. I allow a little death of my everyday habits so that I can clear away a path towards deeper self realization. See you on the other side and in between.
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