HEALER OF THE MONTH: Rebecca Aparicio, Life & Creativity Coach

Healer of the Month: Rebecca Aparicio,  Life & Creativity Coach  
Tell’s us all about her services & a great deal for the Sonic Community.
“My passion is making the impossible possible. We all have hopes and dreams that we have buried deep in the land of the impossible. If only THIS..then I could (Insert your blank). My job is to listen to you and get clear about what obstacles are holding you back from reaching your goals.”
“What is a Creativity coach? A coach’s job is to show up for YOU. To listen to you and to hear underneath all the chatter to get to the core of what YOU truly want. There are so many negative thoughts coming in between you and the life you want. Together we will break down the negative thought patterns getting in the way of your goals and make room for possibility.”

“Before I was a coach, my world was small and full of limits. There were things deep down inside that I wanted to do but I had so many reasons why I shouldn’t do them. So much of our FEAR shows up in the way the think. We can’t do this because if we do then this HORRIBLE THING WILL HAPPEN.  I am here to tell you that isn’t true. Breaking down my fear was the most liberating thing I have ever done in my life which is why I am passionate about helping others do the same.”
“I’ve met so many folks from different paths that say, I wish I could: (Write a book, take an acting class, play an instrument, take a painting class, etc.) and follow it up with a BUT—I don’t have (time, money, I’m not good at being creative.) Everyone has the power to tap into their creativity and I honestly believe that our creativity connects us to the magic of the universe. That is the greatest gift that we can all share is to tap into the gifts we have been given.”
“I am a writer, director, actor, singer, and producer. I completed Sara Armour’s 6-Month Coaching Training Program (’15-’16).  I have a BFA in Theatre and a BA in Music. My musical PEDRO PAN will debut at the New York Musical Festival in July, my band WILD MAGNOLIA will be performing in Poland in August, and I am currently co-producing two original plays (Fresh Fruit Festival, United Solo Festival), am a founding member of Nasty Women Unite Fest, and a founding member of The Resister Project, both artistic fundraising for the ACLU.”
25% Living Creatively Group Coaching
– Weekly calls for 12 weeks, Saying Yes to your Creativity and Letting Go of Fear
– Small group of folks on a journey, growth through support and learning from other’s journey to creativity.
20% One on One Coaching
– Work with me 1:1 to achieve your creative goals, release your fears and achieve your goals. We can work together to create a plan that will bring your project to fruition.
“I found Rebecca to be very encouraging. She held me accountable to my commitments and called me on my resistances/excuses, which is exactly what I needed to move my projects forward.
I would highly recommend Rebecca Aparicio! Her approach is one of love and concern and her insights and questions lead me to look at my issues from a new perspective. Rebecca is very effective in preparing her clients to move forward refreshed and motivated. She has been a crucial part of my personal growth and I look forward to working with her in the future!
Rebecca is a very insightful coach. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. I appreciated her positive energy. She really helped me become more confident in myself and my abilities.”
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