HEALER OF THE MONTH: Christopher Temple – Thai Yoga Body Work

HEALER OF THE MONTH: Christopher Temple – Thai Yoga Body Work

Relax, recharge, revive. Enjoy the healing power of  Thai Yoga Body Work – affectionately called, “lazy man’s yoga” has the same roots as yoga in India. It became what we know it as today in Thailand. It is a beautiful combination of martial arts, stretching compression and massage. Along with it’s physical benefits of reducing stress and tension as well as helping the body to detoxify, it also moves metta (life force energy) through the body to release stoppages where negative energy stagnates.

Christopher received his certification with Lotus Palm School of Thai Massage and has been practicing for about 3 years. His
Studio is on 35th Street between 7th and 8th. Session by appointment only.

Sonic Member Rate – $90 for 90 minutes (regular rate $150)

email christempleyoga@gmail.com for an appointment request

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