THE CREATIVE SONIC: Darby Canessa, Dancer & Blossoming Choreographer

How long have you been dancing? 
I have been dancing for 20 years.  
How does yoga assist your dancing? 
In my experience, Yoga and Dance complement one another. There are common elements in each form, such as the relationship between the body and the mind, the awareness of what is happening within and around the body, the focus, the dedication, the receptiveness, the wholeness, the fulfillment, and the ability to experience life with an open spirit. Yoga and Dance encourage me to stay curious, and to keep the channel open. 
What project are you working on now?  
I am currently working with Catherine Cabeen on her new work, “Give Me More,” which will premiere at Theater for the New City January 25-27, 2018. The ticket link will be up soon on her Company Facebook page (Catherine Cabeen-Hyphen).   

Do you choreograph as well?
I just got into choreographing this year, as I am finding my artistic voice. I like to foster a creative process that is thoughtful and collaborative. I find value in taking risks and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Through my recent work, I found it possible to create work that represents the individual dancers the way they want to be seen in addition to having them present my work the way I want it to be seen. I hope to create work that makes a statement and offers connection.  
Recently, I showed my piece, “From Us” at Triskelion Arts for their summer shake-up series. It felt great putting work out there, and I look forward to showing the piece again at Triskelion Arts for WAXWorks in October.
What do you love about dance as an art form? 
Looking at the form itself, dance is remarkable because of the dependence on the human body. The body is the instrument; it is what brings the form to life. Through our bodies, the dance is made and received. I think in certain ways we are all dancers. The dance exists within all of us; we just have to let it out. The human body itself has the capacity to communicate in powerful ways, and I feel that dance has the power to change the world because through it we can embody that change. Dance is empowering. It makes the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar. It challenges constructs and brings people together. I believe strongly in art activism and arts advocacy. It is important to use dance to speak out for what one stands for, but it is also important to advocate for the form itself. 
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