Christopher Temple: My Miracle

My Miracle
I am waiting for the plane to take me to my rendezvous with my Sonic Yoga Posse. I am meeting them at a beautiful retreat in sunny and warm Costa Rica. I am grateful. I’m here because I said, “yes.” 
Not just “yes” to going on this retreat, but a long line of little “yeses” that brought me to this point. 
I said, “yes” when I thought I was too busy. 
I said, “yes” when I thought that I couldn’t. 
I said “yes” when I didn’t think I was good enough. 
I said, “yes” when I didn’t think I was ready. 
I said, “yes” when I was scared. 
I said, “yes” because I knew deep in my heart that is what the universe wanted me to say. 


What I have found is that I was ready and I am good enough and I am far more fearless now than I could have ever imagined. 

I am living proof that if you hear a voice in your heart, telling you to move, you should move. Even when you’re scared. Even when you don’t think you are ready. Even when you don’t think you are good enough. I think we are all destined for wonderful experiences. If we listen closely enough we will know where the creator is calling us. 


Christopher Temple

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