AUGUST POSE OF THE MONTH: Eudora Ellis Chooses Agnistambhasana

Eudora Ellis Chooses Pose of The Month for August: Fire Log – Double Pigeon Pose – Agnistambhasana
I love to practice Fire Log in the hottest month of the year. You may ask why fire, the Rig Veda personified fire as Agni, when its already so hot? Agni is present in the sun, stars and our digestion igniting transformation in the Universe and the self. The summer is a time to play let go of tension and emotional pain trapped in our hips. We go deeper into nature building fires at the beach dancing under the stars burning away old patterns that no longer serve us. Yoga practice for me is an Art form where one can connect with their creative impulses. Asana, Prana and Mantra are pathways to liberation. The body is a gateway to freedom and a living altar of the sacred fire. When we are open to melting away negative suffering we arise to a childlike spontaneous deeply connected pure self. We are reborn from the ashes rising to joy love bliss and free expression. The intense opening in the core, groin, gluts and hips, with Apana downward moving energy, awakens a stimulating powerful centered state of being. Its the prefect prep for those who want to practice meditation postures as the freedom in the hips allows for sitting longer. Take it even deeper by twisting or folding forward. I invite you to build a strong foundation, build a fire, then ignite your inner fire softening and opening to the endless possibilities of your happiness. Dance into the rebirth and transformation of the self.


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