Summer stiffness

I have a lot of people asking me, “Why the aches and pains?” Summer is in full effect, but for some reason some people are feeling tighter than ever and their bones are super achy. Summer means heat, heat warms the muscles and muscles like the warmth, which is supposed to make them more flexible, so why the heck are we feeling the exact opposite? 

If you are like most people and work indoors, you are probably in an air conditioner approximately 8 hours of the day. So although it might be 90+ degrees outside and you remember, clear as day, the unbearable commute to and from work with the full onslaught of sweat beads dropping down your back, what you might be forgetting is, we keep ourselves in frigid temperatures most of the day. New York, on a whole, has a habit of overdoing it big time in the air conditioning department. Usually rather than just cutting through some of the heat and humidity, it has become common practice to run the AC at full blast bringing the workplace and often the MTA down to seemingly sub zero temperatures. I know it’s my own personal practice to keep a hoody on me at all times to avoid hypothermia. And forget about the fact that the abuse of our air conditioners are contributing to depletion of the earth resources, but all this excessively cooled air is just not good for the body. It leads to aches and pains and makes our muscles stiff as a board. Not to mention the fact that the going back and forth between the hot and cold temperatures all day reeks havoc on the immune system. So this summer if you’re in control of your AC, maybe dial it down a little towards comfortable rather than frigid and if you’re not in control, make sure to bring extra layers to keeps the muscles warm(er) and happier for your practice! See you on the mat!


Christopher Temple

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