Flow Fundamentals

Beginner to Advanced Beginner

Once acquainted with the yoga basics, you are ready to step into the flow. This intelligent, interactive practice instills new students with the comfort, strength and knowledge to explore their blossoming practice, and gives experienced students a gentler, more fundamental option with a focus on alignment. The flow  pauses occasionally to explore and deepen awareness. After dissolving on the mat and relaxing in savasana, you’ll emerge grounded, open and full of peace.
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Flow 1

Advanced Beginner to Intermediate

This practice creates a balance of heat and calm. It begins with an opening focus and a gentle warm-up then moves into a moderately-paced standing flow. Expect moments of adventure as you begin exploring more complex peak postures. You’ll return to the mat to balance your practice with savasana and meditation. It is a stilling journey that leaves you refreshed and restored.
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Flow 1-2


This blended class provides is a intelligent multi-level experience. Beginning with an opening focus and breath work, it moves on to flowing postures with plenty of opportunities to discover a peaceful edge and sense of adventure. A delicious dissolve culminates in savansana and meditation. Expect to cultivate a purifying heat in the body as you and leave inspired and alive.
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Flow 2

Intermediate to Advanced

This powerful, sweat-drenching practice creates a cleansing body heat, builds strength, and improves stamina and focus. Opening invocation and a warm-up moves the class into a dynamic, brisk and intelligent flow, with a wide-range of balances and “adventure poses.” Heat is ignited from tempo, deep holding and exploration of complex postures and sequences. You’ll return to the mat for forward folds, backbends and hip-opening postures. Savasana and meditation complete the journey leaving you rejuvenated and ready to soar!
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All Levels

This yummy class is a deep, centering experience. We open with invocation and a move on to a gently flowing asana series. The journey dissolves to the mat to explore pranayama (cleansing and centering breath exercises), and a guided meditation until the final deep relaxation. You will walk out the door and levitate down 9th Avenue.
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Prana Vinyasa Flow™

Prana Vinyasa Flow 1 Advanced Beginner to Intermediate / Prana Vinyasa Flow 2 Intermediate to Advanced

This energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach is by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers. Become empowered to experience prana – the universal breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence – and apply it to vital living. Learn classical and innovative approaches drawn from Krishnamacharya’s teachings, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Somatics and Shiva’s 15-year teaching experience. Expect a deeply flowing, pulsating, joyful experience and the emergence of your inner Terpsichore.
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Sacred Fertility Yoga Prenatal Flow

Serving women from preconception, through each trimester of pregnancy and into postpartum, this class is tailored to the specific needs of the students in each session. Combining ancient practices and modern science, classes are safe yet empowering – creating community and building confidence in the mother’s ability to bring new life into the world.
Teachers create a nurturing space for:
Women preparing to conceive, by using various practices that support the life cycle.
Women in any trimester, by integrating appropriate asana modifications, helpful information, and support through the many changes of pregnancy.
Postpartum mothers, by guiding them through a gentle yet effective path back into practice.

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30-minute Meditations

All Levels

Still yourself. Go within and listen. 30 minutes of meditation with Jeffrey Duval, Lisa Benner and Sarah Ireland. And it’s FREE!
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Donation Classes

All Levels

An opportunity to study with our most talented new teachers at a discounted rate. These classes are Flow 1 level and give our budding teachers the experience they need, while providing you with a beautiful yoga experience. Pay what you can!
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