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YTT Alumni student of the month: Marie Gabreau

After three years in NYC, it is time to move back home. 
Paris, France, bien sûr!
I remember when I moved to the US, I had, deep inside, the strong belief that something important and life changing will happen there. I did not know what to expect. Now, looking back to these three beautiful years, I know it was Yoga. 
Yoga invited itself to my life little by little, first as a fitness practice and soon as a daily routine and a form of expression. 
I never thought about teaching, but curiosity for the philosophy and the practice of yoga led me to Sonic Yoga and the Teacher Training.  I had no idea what this journey would bring…. 
– An amazing community with genuine and strong people, beautiful souls. They all became my teachers in their own way;
– Me. Connecting with the breath, feeling and acknowledging the subtle body, being mindful of now, all these were key to find and reach my own sacred place ; 
– Trust. Trust within the Universe but also myself, as I learned to recognize and accept limitations and strength. 
– Creativity. After high school, there were not many opportunities to express my creativity. It was buried inside. But the teacher training, brought it back. It was just waiting to blossom in something that feels organic.
After three years in this hectic city full of contrast, I leave more grounded and serene, ready to teach and to learn more and more….
NY was only the beginning of the journey!
Paris, me voilà!
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Sonic Teacher of the Month: Christopher Temple

Practicing My Meditation
In the past, when people would ask me if I meditate, if I wasn’t sitting in full lotus, quieting my thoughts for an hour a day, I felt inadequate to tell them yes. (I can safely say I have not done this to date.) Often times I am working long hours and I’m jumping out of bed running into a full day of teaching classes, privates, doing massages and managing the studio. By the time I get back home I and I’m in my bed I often realize that I never got a chance to meditate. It was making me feel bad about my practice and about myself as a person. 

After taking a mediation workshop with one of my gurus and fellow teachers, Tania Kazi. I discovered a new way of looking at mediation. In that workshop she addressed how everything and anything that we do could be a meditation with the right intention and focus. Eating, sleeping, drinking walking, even performing a task or a job. By slowing down the awareness in order to focus on what we are doing, why we are doing it and then doing it with gratitude, reverence and joy, it totally can change even a seemingly mundane task into an act of joy.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t tremendous value in taking time towards practicing a more traditional mediation, even if only for a few moments of the day. It just means that by broadening the spectrum of what a meditation is, and how it can be done, we can bring more joy into our entire day even if we aren’t able to sit down and formally meditate the way we want to. Mediation is made to bring us joy not something for us to feel bad about when life is throwing curve balls and we are just trying to keep up.


Here is my sequence that I have been recently working with. I love to do it because if feels great in my body. I hope ya’ll agree!

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HAPPY NOW by Christopher Temple

I am happy for this moment. I am grateful for what I have, Now. I’m not dwelling on what I used to have or what I hope to have one day. Everything in my life is a gift. It is not mine to hold on to forever, just a loaner. From the money in my wallet to the hair on my head (even though there’s a lot of it). Even my arms and my legs are only mine to borrow. They are all gifts. I don’t get to keep them for eternity; maybe not even for this entire lifetime, but while I have them, I choose to cherish them. I use them as gifts, not with entitlement. I will use them with gratitude and with the freedom of knowing that they aren’t even really mine. If tomorrow they are gone, I will keep in mind that I have had the chance to enjoy these gifts, and for that chance, for those moments, maybe even for a while, I am glad to have had the chance to.


Christopher Temple

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THE SONIC CREATIVE: Renee Monaco, Designer

Renee Monaco, but some know me as Peach Mango 😉
What You Do:
I am a shoe designer and the owner of the app SocialLoob. 
Download the app!! 
Description of  Your Work:
My shoes are very sexy and whimsical!
My shoes reflect what I’m feeling at the time. I really pour all of my feelings into my shoes. I want you to feel the love I put into my shoes when you put them in!
My app, Social Loob, is an app where you can host parties and get rated on your flakiness! It’s also an efficient ways to look for cool events too. Anyone can add their events. Don’t be a flake! 

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COMMUNITY PARTNER: Destination Backcountry Adventures

Destination Backcountry Adventures is a Brooklyn-based adventure guiding company dedicated to bringing our love of the outdoors to the city that needs it most. Here you’ll find guides and instructors who are ambassadors to the the outdoors, with one foot in New York City and one foot in the Catskills at all times. We’ve climbed every peak, explored every trail, found the hidden ponds where trout laze in the sun, the toughest peaks for the ultimate adventurers, and the off-trail paradises filled with wildflowers and swimming holes. Whatever you’re hoping to find in the outdoors—respite from the city, a change of pace from your morning run, a breathe of fresh mountain air—we want to help you find it and learn how to do it yourself. This is our passion, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

FOR SONIC COMMUNITY: 20% off all of your adventures! (Now through the end of September) Use the code SONIC at checkout. MORE INFO

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YOGI OF THE MONTH: Caroline Alarcon Loor

YOTM: Caroline Alarcon Loor

GREW UP: I was born here in the USA, but I spent my childhood in
Ecuador, where my family is from.

OCCUPATION: Photographer, visual artist, early childhood teacher.

MOVED TO NYC: Late 1995.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PRACTICING YOGA? About 8 years, on and off, but for the last few years it has became steady, thanks to Sonic.

WHAT DOES YOGA DO FOR YOU? It removes tension from my entire body, especially my tight shoulders. It has made me more flexible and I have more control of my body in dance. From my experience in doing yoga, I know that I can do anything if I put my mind and time into it!   Continue reading

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THE OCEAN by Lauren Hanna

Namaste Dear Friends,

I hope you are enjoying the peak days of summer. I’ve been moving through busy days filled with wonderful moments with family, friends surrounded by the beauty of nature that envelops us all at this amazing time of year. Yet somehow, in the midst of all this beauty there are still those unsettling moments of stress, anxiety, indecision and pain. I wonder, how can this blissful perfection be so easily disturbed by one difficult interaction, feeling, or thought? How can I so easily lose my center of ease and joy…? For the answer to this question, I look to my most revered teacher at this time of year, the great “maha” ocean. Continue reading

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AUGUST POSE OF THE MONTH: Eudora Ellis Chooses Agnistambhasana

Eudora Ellis Chooses Pose of The Month for August: Fire Log – Double Pigeon Pose – Agnistambhasana
I love to practice Fire Log in the hottest month of the year. You may ask why fire, the Rig Veda personified fire as Agni, when its already so hot? Agni is present in the sun, stars and our digestion igniting transformation in the Universe and the self. The summer is a time to play let go of tension and emotional pain trapped in our hips. We go deeper into nature building fires at the beach dancing under the stars burning away old patterns that no longer serve us. Yoga practice for me is an Art form where one can connect with their creative impulses. Asana, Prana and Mantra are pathways to liberation. The body is a gateway to freedom and a living altar of the sacred fire. When we are open to melting away negative suffering we arise to a childlike spontaneous deeply connected pure self. We are reborn from the ashes rising to joy love bliss and free expression. The intense opening in the core, groin, gluts and hips, with Apana downward moving energy, awakens a stimulating powerful centered state of being. Its the prefect prep for those who want to practice meditation postures as the freedom in the hips allows for sitting longer. Take it even deeper by twisting or folding forward. I invite you to build a strong foundation, build a fire, then ignite your inner fire softening and opening to the endless possibilities of your happiness. Dance into the rebirth and transformation of the self.


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Community Partner: Blossom Du Jour

Blossom Du Jour was established in 2010 in direct response to the ever growing need for “alternative fast food” options. Powered by delicious and nutritious 100% vegan recipes, they have placed themselves in the extraordinary position to make a positive impact on the environment as well as the daily lives of their patrons by offering food and beverage choices that are healthful, environmentally conscious, and prepared quickly. Blossom Du Jour’s patrons have the opportunity to indulge in a new concept of “food and drink on the go” with minimum to no harm to animals and the environment. Blossom Du Jour’s mission is as plain and simple as their food, eating should be FUN, HEALTHY and hold no negative consequence to the animals we share our world with.
For Sonic Yoga Community: 15% their food for the month of August with a voucher which you can find at the front desk at Sonic.
Turnstyle (Columbus Circle subway station) 1000S 8th Ave, #21, New York, NY 10019 | 212-765-6500 |
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HEALER OF THE MONTH: Christopher Temple – Thai Yoga Body Work

HEALER OF THE MONTH: Christopher Temple – Thai Yoga Body Work

Relax, recharge, revive. Enjoy the healing power of  Thai Yoga Body Work – affectionately called, “lazy man’s yoga” has the same roots as yoga in India. It became what we know it as today in Thailand. It is a beautiful combination of martial arts, stretching compression and massage. Along with it’s physical benefits of reducing stress and tension as well as helping the body to detoxify, it also moves metta (life force energy) through the body to release stoppages where negative energy stagnates.

Christopher received his certification with Lotus Palm School of Thai Massage and has been practicing for about 3 years. His
Studio is on 35th Street between 7th and 8th. Session by appointment only.

Sonic Member Rate – $90 for 90 minutes (regular rate $150)

email for an appointment request

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