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Prenatal Practice by Sarah Ireland

10 years ago, pregnant for the first time, I was lucky enough to have a doula as a dear friend. During those 9 months she helped to open my eyes to the humbling, empowering and extraordinary experience of bringing a baby into the world.

It may seem strange that something could be both humbling and empowering. But it was humbling to witness my own body performing such a miracle as sustaining another life. And it was crazy empowering as I was able to make choices based on information I had received from other women. So I’m super excited about the upcoming prenatal programming at Sonic Yoga, where such vital information will be passed on to teachers and mamas. Continue reading

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Teacher of the Month: Keith Partington

Don’t forget your Self.
Teaching can drain you. Even the pursuit of trying become a teacher can be a lot to keep up. While we love what we do, this is an energetic practice and we give ourselves in order to do it well. At some point, the well runs dry and our teaching, not to mention our daily being, suffers. The mind tells you “you’re fine”. Your heart and spirit know otherwise.
If a deliberate commitment to Self care isn’t made, it won’t happen. What we give to our students and clients must be turned back in our direction once in a while. We only have something to offer if we have something, something in abundance, to draw upon. Most of us are aware of this premise, the tricky part comes when we allow ourselves to get caught up all who need a helping hand, at the expense of our Selves.
Kindness and awareness of others are natural effects of practicing yoga. It’s a strength
to want to be there for others, and give all to our classes and clients, friends and
family. Practicing yoga also requires discipline and self awareness. Enough self
awareness to see in the mirror the one you’ve maybe neglected a bit. Continue reading

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Commonwealth of Dominica, Southern Caribbean
August 2000

Continue reading

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THE CREATIVE SONIC: Amanda Glick, Artist

“My name is Amanda Glick, I am a Cooper Union School of Art graduate and I recently became a certified yoga instructor after attending the 200hr intensive teacher training program at Sonic Yoga. As an artist, I specialize in acrylic painting. Lately, I’ve been making playful, simplistic paintings which emphasize my love of color. See attached my chakra paintings.”
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Healing and Nurturing the Soul

Vata season has begun. As the fall winds start to blow, if we look for it, we’ll notice a paradox of stillness takes the air. The leaves start to change and fall to the ground. Flowers bend and die and their roots will patiently wait in silence for rebirth. Some of the other animals will make their preparations to hibernate for the winter months.
This is a time for allowing the dissolution to begin, letting the little deaths of what we don’t need take place around us to create space for drawing within. Perhaps we can be a bit more minimalistic to allow us to draw our energies towards centering. We can conserve our resources for what we need, letting go of exhaustive efforts and instead spend these efforts toward inner healing and nurturing the soul. I personally am starting a cleanse as I write this because, as nature uses this time to clear away things on her own. I like to make my own efforts to do some of my own clearing away. I allow a little death of my everyday habits so that I can clear away a path towards deeper self realization. See you on the other side and in between.
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CONTEST! Win An Adventure for Two! Easy as 1,2,3

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If you win you have the choice of any yoga adventure or day adventure (cannot be used on overnight trips or canoe and kayak trips). Free trips include all the amenities of a standard trip: breakfast and lunch, transportation to/from NYC!

More Info on Destination Backcountry

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Healer of the Month for September: Karol Chin

Healer of the Month for September: Karol Chin, Ayurveda Health Advisor (AADP)

What She Does: “Using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, I help people find more balance and comfort in their lives by healing through the five senses – taste, touch, sight, smell, sound.” Continue reading

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Love For Tania Kazi’s Sound Healing & Meditation Workshop

“Attending Tania Kazi’s sound healing & meditation class was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Before the class, I admit, I wasn’t sure how it worked or if it would work at all, all I knew for sure is that I needed to heal. 
During the class, I still was a little skeptical, but it didn’t matter, something bigger than myself allowed me to surrender to it (I’m short, so a lot of things are bigger than me, but in this instance I’m referring to something that transcends a name or definition).
As I was laying on the yoga mat and Tania was playing the singing bowls, It felt like I was swimming with my thoughts instead of fighting them. To experience my thoughts without judgment is something so rare. Rare like a watching a Rastafarian penguin ride on a dolphin’s back and swim into a sunset kind of rare. Yep, it almost never happens for me. 
After the class was over, it was clear to me that I just did something powerful. I believe part of why the class is so powerful is because Tania doesn’t show up knowing how she’s going to play the bowls, she reads the energy in the room and plays the bowls accordingly. I could go on and on about the unexpected benefits I’ve experienced from the sound healing class, but if I were to boil it down, I’d say it felt like all my systems aligned in harmony. 
Mentally, I felt clarity, like I could tackle one thing at a time and everything will be okay. I felt like I could be courageous, like I could speak up and give my feedback about something the way I’m doing now, and it would matter. Physically, I felt taller (Although there’s nothing wrong with being short, life is short, but people seem to like it). I felt more space in my body, like my organs were in healing mode, and my muscles are ready to work.
I am so grateful to Tania for orchestrating such a tremendously glorious class. I can’t wait to take my loved ones to her next class. After what I’ve told them about my experience, they’re reasonably skeptical. I mean, I basically told them that I listened to the sound of singing bowls and that the bowls have magic healing powers, but ultimately I know their hesitation to believe in it won’t matter. All they have to do is show up (and they’ll be swimming and singing like Dory from Finding Nemo singing “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, what do we do? we swim.swim.swim.”) hehehe :)” – Amanda
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THE CREATIVE SONIC: Darby Canessa, Dancer & Blossoming Choreographer

How long have you been dancing? 
I have been dancing for 20 years.  
How does yoga assist your dancing? 
In my experience, Yoga and Dance complement one another. There are common elements in each form, such as the relationship between the body and the mind, the awareness of what is happening within and around the body, the focus, the dedication, the receptiveness, the wholeness, the fulfillment, and the ability to experience life with an open spirit. Yoga and Dance encourage me to stay curious, and to keep the channel open. 
What project are you working on now?  
I am currently working with Catherine Cabeen on her new work, “Give Me More,” which will premiere at Theater for the New City January 25-27, 2018. The ticket link will be up soon on her Company Facebook page (Catherine Cabeen-Hyphen).   

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CREATE by Lauren Hanna

I am so excited each month to explore the new postings in the Sonic Creative
section of our Newsletter. Witnessing the abundant creative energy of our
community gives me such great joy. Creativity is one of the powerful gifts of Yoga. It is the first phase of the Karmic cycle and aligned with the potency of birth.
We all have the ability to manifest and to create. Creating art is a beautiful way to awaken our inner creative energy. The experience of manifesting a work of art,
whether through music, painting, photography, dance, design, or any medium, is
exquisitely aligned with the practice of Yoga.
For years I have been yearning to make art, yet I have been so busy with life that
I have not made the time. I was also a bit overwhelmed with trying to decide what
medium to choose. After many years of making excuses, I finally signed up for a
workshop in Montauk this summer. The Art Barge is a beautiful Artists studio and
museum located on the water in Napeague harbor near my home.
Continue reading

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