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YTT Teacher Highlight of the Month by Tania Kazi

Like most people, it is the challenges of life that brought me to yoga and meditation. Encountering pain made me re-examine my choices, behaviors and subsequent patterns that created my life, and that contemplation led me on to the path of meditation.

Yoga in its entirety encapsulates the eight limbs that guide one into living a meditative, awakened and enriched life. Therefore, whether it is the practice of being watchful of one’s conduct as the Yamas teach us or practicing Pratyahara, the inward turning of sensory perception, or Asana as a gateway to the final meditation in corpse pose; all these teachings contribute toward the inner journey.  A journey far richer than the one our eyes can perceive. We learn through meditation how to tune into the well of wisdom that exists inside each and every one of us.  Continue reading

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Sonic Teacher Training Journey

I feel that my journey through Sonic’s Teacher Training can only be told through poetry…..because it allows for raw and unapologetic ways in which it has enriched my life.

It’s like going on vacation with one suitcase and leaving with ten and then frustrated that you had to pay extra to check bags. It’s like the feeling you get when you rock that head stand for the first time…even for a moment.. like all the hard work you put in was worth the wait. It’s like looking up at the night sky you feel small but safe because you know you’re a part of something bigger. It’s like a sunburn that lingers and stings because painful memories came to the surface and how dare you but they never let you leave without Aloe. The realization that it’s OK to be hurt and angry and scared and confused…. It’s that sharp-toothed beautiful dreadful aggravating all encompassing I can’t breath kinda love…. the kinda love where it was better to experience for one second then not at all…and how can I ever repay that?

Continue reading

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New Moon Reset Healing Meditation Call with Lauren Hanna

Join Lauren for a collective meditation teleconference call. Together we will chant, vibrate, and harness our creative energy to cultivate a powerful healing intention for ourselves, friends, the planet and all beings everywhere.  The darkness of the new moon is a potent juncture for creating and manifesting your dream visions.  Let’s gather to heal our bodies, minds, and hearts and send out blessings to all.  This practice will be nourishing to the soul and uplifting to your mind. All Welcome Free.
Register in advance for this meeting to receive the call in details:
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Keep Warm in Costa Rica! by Christopher Temple

Namaste Dear Yogis and Friends,
If I haven’t seen you, Happy New Year! How are your resolutions coming along? I don’t usually make big resolutions but this year I have committed to 30 days of Hanumanasana (splits pose) I’m taking 3 minutes on both sides. Yowza!!! It is a reminder to me that getting where I want to go in life is not always a comfortable path. I believe that adversity and discomfort can be the universe’s way of testing us to see how deeply we are committed to the things that we desire. When things don’t come to me as fast as I like, I’m tempted to give up but instead I’ll refocusing my gaze towards my intention and taking things step by step and bit by bit. The results will come when they are ready.
Stay warm this winter, give yourself extra time to warm up before practice and if the cold gets to be too much you can always come with us to Costa Rica in February. Hope to see you on the mat!!!
Big warm hugs,
Christopher Temple
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YOGI OF THE MONTH: Amishay Vatury

YOGI OF THE MONTH: Amishay Vatury

WHERE YOU GREW UP: Rehovot, Israel.

WHEN DID YOU MOVE TO NYC? About 2 years ago.

OCCUPATION: I’m a senior consultant.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PRACTICING YOGA? I have never practice yoga. The only time I did it was during the YTT 200h I recently did in Sonic. I am practicing movement for about 2.5 years. It has some elements of yoga in it but it is not yoga. Continue reading

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The Sonic Creative: Move with Tracy Eisenberg

The Artforms: Dancer/Choreography, Vocalist, Dance/Movement Therapy Master’s Student

When did you know you were an artist? Were you always creative as a child? When did you start dancing? Start singing?    I don’t think there was ever a time I wasn’t an artist, even before I had the language to describe myself this way. From the time I could move or vocalize, I was always dancing and singing! As a child, I think I was more drawn to performance more than “creating art”, but that evolved over time. Above all, there was (and always will be) a deep-rooted musicality that has manifested in any art form I’ve explored.  Continue reading

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“Dreamcatchers” by Pamela Lyn

When you say the word ‘dreamcatcher’ images of beautifully woven circular hoops with dangling feathers and beads are thought of; these geometric configurations are hung above a bed to invite a peaceful slumber or perhaps they’re just integrated into a living space as lovely decor. Either way, dreamcatchers are a recognizable symbol even in non-tribal society.

But do we know the story of their history or their meaning? More than just ornamentation and aesthetic appeal, these loops of artistry contain rich symbolism. Continue reading

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Setu Bhandasana – Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is a wonderful pose for fertility. It relaxes the whole body and is calming to the central nervous system, especially the ovaries, which may hold stress and tension. Bridge pose balances the thyroid, activates the parasympathetic nervous system and creates a slight inversion effect, which helps to regulate the endocrine system and create an inversion effect. It also increases circulation to the reproductive organs bringing energy and vitality.   Continue reading

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Try the amazing Japanese Kabocha squash. Like pumpkin, kabocha’s bright orange flesh is high in the anti-oxidant beta-carotene, which translates to vision-protecting Vitamin A. The skin is also an excellent source of fiber. Additionally, using kabocha squash in any dish boosts the sweetness without adding extra sugar. Continue reading

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Join us Feb 23rd to March 4th for a life changing tropical immersion. The Immersion will begin as you land in the Tropical Paradise of Matapalo. An off the grid nirvana at the edge of the largest National Park on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. We will gather at Casa Marmaris a beautiful oceanfront open air case with large comfortable common rooms, decks and small dipping pool. Our Hosts will be Tico’s Isaac and Desiree who will ensure our stay is comfortable and safe. Each Day, we’ll all be sweetly awakened by sounds of howler monkeys and macquaws, showering under the deep fragrant jungle foliage, walking down shaded trails to the casa grande for tea and exotic fruit before bathing in a 2 hr. sadhana practice, including pranayama meditation and asana to start off our days. From there we’ll join up again for a feast of breakfast offered by the Casa Marmaris cuilinary staff. All fresh ingredients grown from local farms and prepared with love. During the day, you can head off for the surf, swim in the turquoise ocean, collect shells, lounge in hammocks, sunbathe and swim in our dipping pool, explore the jungle trails leading to hidden waterfalls! Go on adventure tours to swim or kayak with dolphins and amazing sea life. A beautifully nourishing lunch will be served mid day. Some evening we will meet for ritual practices meditations, fire ceremony, dance and more, other evenings you will be free to relax in the hammock with new friends and maybe some bonding, sharing, journaling…whatever the tropical breezes blow our way…we’ll stay connected in the flow. Each evening a final dinner feast will be served as the sun goes down and we explore the trails with our flashlights or headlamps on….and start to unwind into the dark calm of the jungles. you might choose an evening beach walk in the absolute pitch darkness and a torch (flashlight) to the local bar (martina’s) to catch up with the local going-on’s or melt into your mosquito netted 4 post bed as you are lulled to sleep by the absolute calm of the jungles….catching up on the dreams you’ve been missing out on for the last few months of doing. This is a magical opportunity to unplug, to be in the flow of the mystery of your life.
8 nights 9 days – $1800


Early Bird Special by Jan 30th – $1600.   $300 to hold your spot.


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