POSE OF THE MONTH: Chaturanga Dandasana

POTM Chaturanga Dandasana

We are on the verge of the transition of seasons and it’s a good time to look at the transitions in our practice as it relates to our lives.  How we enter and exit a posture or situation isn’t separate from the pose or event; we actually carry all of that information into it.  Just like if you were to begin a road trip with the steering wheel tilted to the right, the rear view mirror too high, staring at your iPhone, you wouldn’t get past the end of the block. It’s easy to forget that Chaturanga is not just a transition but an actual posture, a moment of consciousness that prepares us for what’s to come.  If we just skim past this moment without thoughtful consideration, we prevent ourselves from experiencing the heart opening which is to come.  It’s sort of like moving in too fast for a kiss on a first date; you could wind up with your tongue in someone’s ear.

To practice Chaturanga: From Downward Facing Dog, come forward, bringing your shoulders over your wrists. Press back through the balls of your feet, and feel your heels lengthening towards the back of the room as you draw your chest forward. Bend your elbows straight back and bring your chest forward. Don’t be afraid to come forward toward your toes as well. Lower down until your arms make two ninety-degree angles, from wrist to forearm and forearm to upper arm, and your hips and shoulders are in one long line. Your elbows should be touching the sides of the front of your ribcage. If all of these points are in place, you can actually support yourself and breathe here for a moment.

Enjoy the view as you transition with resilience and grace.

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