12/15 Pneuma Yoga: Aphrodite Her Message Of Beauty


Pneuma Yoga – Aphrodite: Her Message of Beauty

with Ciela Wynter

Sunday: 12/15/2013    From: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Experience an opportunity to practice and integrate the sacred message of one of our most inspiring Archetypes from within. Aphrodite reminds us of our inner beauty and the origin from which it flows, God. Most importantly, and with an exquisite presence, she represents an aspect of our Divine Mother.  $35

Pneuma Yoga is a solar yoga, which redefines the vision and practice of ancient traditions on the planet. Expressing the spiritual dimension of yoga, this transpersonal discipline takes us beyond the limits of our personal identity. It is a spiritual, psychological, and physical yoga that emphasizes inner knowledge through self-observation and the sacred art of prayer.   Pneuma Yoga is the sweet discipline that prepares our mind and body to apprehend the underlying reality within us. Through mantra, ritual, pranayama, and asana, for flexibility and strength, this practice offers a new perspective of the Spirit-Mind-Body connection for greater health and overall wellbeing. Pneuma Yoga: A Transpersonal Discipline is a registered yoga school with the Yoga Alliance.

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