Sonic Bhakti Corner: Musican & Yogi Elizabeth Sullivan


Inspired and Inspiring” is the way one fan has described Elizabeth Sullivan’s vocal and songwriting talent.  Amazing might be an even better description!  Elizabeth Sullivan sings from  Sulivanher heart, and tugs at your heart strings with every note and nuance of her clear, angelic, and awesome sounding voice.  She is a talented singer, guitarist and pianist, who not only writes the music and lyrics of her many soulful songs, but sings them with confidence, compassion, and composure and when she reaches the crescendo of her lyrics, you can feel your heart skip a beat!  Her vocal stylings have been compared to Sara McLaughlin, Joni Mitchell, and Eva Cassidy, and every once in a while she has a Jewel like quality to her sound.  Her voice is absolutely compelling and her memorable melodic musings speak to your soul.Elizabeth and her band are currently performing in the New York City area, and preparing for a national tour.  A native of Upstate New York, she was classically trained as a voice major at Ithaca College, and has travelled about the country since college in search of her true path, spreading rose petals along the way in places like LA, Seattle, Syracuse and Ithaca.  An Oswego, N.Y. native who now lives in Green Point, Brooklyn, her formative musical years involved coping with the untimely death of her mother, whose inspiration and strong heart gave rise to many of Elizabeths early lyrical musings. After  a journey to many parts of the country, including a summer spent at a retreat in a Zen monastery, she has gathered her strength, focused her vision, and is at the top of her vocal, lyrical and songwriting game.Her grief has been turned into strength, and her soulful serenity projects a  solid on stage presence that will leave you moved, touched, and wanting to sing along.

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