Pose Of The Month: Janu Sirsasana with Tracey Mohr






We are moving into the season of Vata where the winds start to blow, the trees start to shed their leaves and we prepare for cooler weather.  Vata is the season for change and movement.

Sometimes its hard to remember to be still and calm during this season.

Janu Sirsana , head to knee pose , has a magical effect on calming the body mind. It is also wonderful for toning all the internal organs.

Janu means the knee. Sirsa is the head. In this posture we sit with one leg stretched out on the ground and the other bent at the knee. Then catch the extended foot with both hands and place the head on that knee.

Remember to breathe fully into the pose.

As we begin this transition to the winter solstice where the days will be getting shorter and the winds of change begin to blow, its nice to know we can always come into the grounding, twisting, forward fold of Janu Sirsasana to keep us calm and tranquil.


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