WED 9/18 YOGA MALA SHANTI SADHANNA with LAUREN HANNA & Thomas Wave on Live Sitar



Also, check out GLOBAL MALA this weekend…

Greetings to all of you,

PEACE is absolutely, positively POWERFUL and we are lucky in our country to have theMala opportunity to help foster it.

In just a few weeks, a gathering at Newark School Stadium in Newark will occur, where yogis share wisdom and inspiration to probably 1,500 people from Newark and 60+ yoga communities from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Many of you have joined in at other awesome yoga events like Wanderlust and Hanuman.  This event seems to be a wonderful entity of its own, fostering peace and doing what we all strive to do in yoga, seva.  100% of all monies raised goes to charities, hence we are so grateful for all who have donated their time and energies.  Many of you who have been part of Global Mala in the past know the magic and continue to attend year after year.

So, in a few weeks from now, you will be part of what Shiva Rea was the catalyst for 7 years ago, an event that brings so many together to feel peace, foster peace and spread peace.

Make sure to spread the word about the event.  Flyer is attached.  Use social media, your websites, your eletters to let folks know about the event and we so look forward to seeing you all there.


Stacy, Seth & Debby

Global Mala NJ

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