POSE OF THE MONTH: Eka Pada Rajakapotasana with Krissy Shields

POMIt’s time to get back to it. Whether it is work or school, there is a seasonal shift this month plus a psychic shift where we all just get back on the work train. I chose Eka Pada Rajakapotasana because of the sheer nature of it’s discipline. The necessity of work within this posture. Look, I hope it’s not a part time job for you. This pose opens the hips and groin while stimulating the digestive system and potentially aids in piriformis or siatic pain, so there is plenty to gain from it. It clearly grounds down but there is also a lift up and out. With that I ask you to think of this pose as an offering, a gift or hope.
This bring me to the niyama (observance) on the 8 limbed path of Tapas. Tapas is a practice of balanced austerity, sacrifice and discipline. Tapas literally means “heat” or “fire”. So accept the heat of this pose and walk to it. Invite whatever comes. Fire brings transformation. Transformation can bring with it stillness. That stillness is the sweet spot. Let the transformation happen through the fire with presence and persistency. Your beautiful offering, no matter how it looks, will aid. So take that offering to your workplace or your school. With each offering there is a shift. Be that change.

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