REVIVAL of the ‘Thousand Names of Sharada’, Matron Goddess of Kashmir

My name is Christopher Tompkins, and over the last eleven years I have shared the empowering teachings of Tantric Shaivism with over 10,000 people across the globe.


The vast majority of surviving manuscripts which represent this tradition remain in Kashmir; they have endured through the centuries solely due to the painstaking efforts of generations of Shaiva scholars known as Pandits (‘Learned Ones’), who diligently copied them by hand (below).

Due to foreign invasion and persecution, the peaceful Pandits were forced into a final exile from their homeland in 1990, and had to leave these precious manuscripts behind.

Today, thousands of Tantric texts precariously survive in the hands of people who have no interest in this sacred tradition.

Since then, most Westerners with the ability to translate and preserve these texts have been denied access to this literary legacy…

I am determined to beat the odds.  Learn More Here

Who is the Goddess Sharada?

“The Radiant Goddess known as Shri Sharada is venerated wherever She manifests Herself amongst the people as the beautiful incandescence of the Autumn Moon. She unites all people through the expression of their own magnanimous qualities.”  

-Shaiva Master Abhinava Gupta (ca. 950-1025 A.D.).

Sharada means ‘Autumn.’

A Tantric personification of the Goddess Sarasvati, Sharada represents the liberating light of the waxing moon.

For well over a thousand years, Sharada has been venerated by the Shaivas of Kashmir as their Matron Goddess, as the magnanimous spirit of Kashmir itself who personifies the power (shakti) of Awakened Consciousness (shiva) which resides within all beings.

But for centuries she has been worshiped by the descendants of the Kashmiri Shaivas, who are now in exile from their homeland, without Her central ritual, the Sharada Sahasra NamaUNTIL NOW.



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