NEWSLETTER: February Love From Sonic


Namaste Beloveds,

As I prepare to depart for our Tropical Teacher Training Immersion in Costa Rica, I find myself reflecting on what I love and the beauty of life.  As I look forward to visiting this magical place with my family and co-teachers to witness the exotic foliage, the dance of the loveable monkey’s, majestic scarlet macaws, deep turquoise ocean, warm tropical sun and luscious tropical fruits. I feel so blessed and deeply grateful to be able to drink in these glorious tastes and flavors of life.

We all yearn to experience beauty and love in all of its forms. Yet life is not always beautiful and we are often exposed to great personal suffering, or to witnessing others tragedies, as in the Newton, Ct killings late last year. Sadly, even Yoga has no magical spell to end suffering. As Yogi’s we come to accept this dance and play (Leila) of life and its shifting energy from darkness to light. But this month I encourage you to dedicate yourself to finding the beauty in your life and opening to the radiance of love.

In classical Indian arts we celebrate beauty and love through the experience of Sringara rasa. Sringara is one of the nine rasas, or tastes, usually translated as erotic love, romantic love, attraction or beauty.  It can also be seen as the bond between mother and child or the romantic relationship as a metaphor for the union between the individual and the divine.  Sringara rasa is the flavor that arises from what ever is, sacred, pure, placid and worth seeing.

So, this month find something you love and immerse yourself in it, taste and savor the beauty of life, the loves of your life.  Whether it’s your beloved partner, your family, your best of friends, places you love, music, dance, art, food, spiritual practice and yes even Yoga, find it explore it and drink it in. Celebrate love and experience beauty in all of it’s forms.  For a deeper exploration of Sringara Rasa, please join me for a special class with live sitar by Thomas Wave on Wednesday Feb. 6 at 12:30 pm.

With Deep Love,
Lauren & Jo


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