Yoga Trance Dance Teacher Training with Jeffrey Duvall March 23-25

Created by Shiva Rea. This Prana Flow ™ Workshop takes place 9-6 Friday and Saturday, 10-6 Sunday. Calling all yoga-adventures, dance lovers, and movement-challenged Beings! Learn to weave the sacred framework to support a Yoga Trance Dance event, or just come to experience a weekend filled with Dance. Dance and Movement are the express route to experience the Conscious Universe, and one of the oldest living forms of Yoga Sadhana. It’s as easy as recalling “dancing for joy” when you won the math contest in school, or “chattering your teeth and shimmying your body” after dunking in a frozen lake. These are natural examples of how the dance mysteriously manifests itself via the invisible or spiritual world, into the physical world and eventually into our innate body wisdom. For all of us the Dance is our first teacher of Spontaneous Flow, or Sahaja. You will learn, in accordance with the Primoridal Pancha Bhutas, or Five Univeral Elements, the basic key movements of the Body to liberate Spirit, and also experience Traditions of Dance from around the world. Learn to become the Architect and Trail Guide, of the Sacred Arc of Yoga Trance Dance, that also mirrors and reflects the Evolutionary Life Force, so you will be completely confident into how you become the leader of the Flow, not only in Yoga Trance Dance, but also your life’s journey for reintegration and change. Participants may be individuals completing elective requirements for Prana Flow certification, or make-up contact hours. Also especially welcome are participants who maybe have forgotten the healing power of the Dance, Weekend Warriors who want to experience an entire weekend of DANCING! For anyone needing inspiration, poets, choreographers, or those feeling the dryness of a sedentary occupation. For those interested in becoming Yoga Trance Dance leaders, there will be special opportunities to lead the flow of the group and receive critical feedback on how to enhance the transmission of Nrtya-Jnana, Dance-Wisdom. Created by Shiva Rea, Yoga Trance Dance ™ is a contemporary exploration of the spirit of dance within yoga. Beginning with prana yoga or the experience of prana initiating yoga asanas, yoga trance dance flows into an exploration of free-form, breath driven movement to liberate one’s creative life force and cultivate embodied freedom! for more information on Prana Flow ™ visit 22 hrs toward the Sonic 300 hr Prana Flow ™ Program. $356 for registered 300 hr students, $396 for drop ins.
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