Lauren’s mission and passion is to share the experiences of her journey toward Sacred Fertility with all women who have the desire to become pregnant and birth a child.  Also, to educate by teaching the wisdom of Yoga and sharing practical tools and inspiration to guide them along their paths.

Lauren hopes to inspire women to, at the same time actively open to their best selves and to surrender to the will of the divine. The goal is to come to a place of acceptance, peace and serenity and open to the gifts of life.


Most of us spend our younger years avoiding pregnancy, or planning the perfect path from marriage to pregnancy to family.  So when we hit that first roadblock to conception that have long assumed would follow an easy natural course, it can feel life shattering. Now with the Sacred Fertility Solution, Lauren Hanna, shares a simple plan based on her personal experience and a 20 year transformational affair with Yoga on how to navigate and accept the obstacles to fertility.

With wisdom, grace and humor, Hanna as your guide shares her fertility journey and supports you on yours.  Her story began at the age of 40 and after a tumultuous 5 years including several rounds of IUI, IVF, donor eggs and adoption exploration, ended with the natural conception of her beautiful daughter Jaya.

This program guides women along the complex and sometimes isolating journey from infertility to fertility. Her Sacred Fertility Solution – is all about an attitude shift, a change in perception – Hanna guides her clients from an attitude of being the active doing to receptive being,  or from the maker to receiver of life. Hanna tells us  “We do not make a baby, we prepare ourselves to receive one.  We open to the creative force and allow it to move through us. We make love with our partner and we are blessed with the gift of life.”

This process  is about surrender, letting go, about connecting to the feminine receptive aspects of your being. It is about accepting small defeat and loss and healing and finding a place of balance and vitality.  It is also about how patience, commitment and love can create a receptive state that will allow for the conception of life.


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laurensmile4aLauren Hanna began her Sacred Fertility journey at the age of 40 years and after a tumultuous 5 years including several rounds of IUI, IVF, donor eggs and adoption exploration, conceived her daughter, Jaya Lynn at age 45 through natural conception and gave birth at 46. Lauren founded Sonic Yoga , a thriving Yoga studio and Yoga teacher training center in NYC in September of 2001 . She has been a student of Yoga for over 20 years and a teacher of Yoga for over 15 years. Hanna has studied the ancient systems of Yoga and Ayurveda with many of the greatest living masters worldwide.  She has been most strongly guided on this path by her teachers Shiva Rea, the creator of Prana Flow Yoga and her inspiration for learning to live in harmony with the pulse of life. Maya Tiwari, an Ayurvedic teacher and former swami, also a former fashion designer who overcame cancer through faith, devotion and practice who inspires Hanna to have hope and to believe that anything is possible. And Amma, a living saint who travels the world giving darshan, (spiritual blessings) and who has cracked open her heart and allowed her to heal her relationship with her mother which has prepared her to become a mother herself, and Sally Kempton a great master teacher of Meditation and Tantra, who has shown Hanna that creating a relationship with the divine shakti or (source of life) and surrender all of life’s paradoxes can make miracles happen.

Hanna lives in the seaside village of Montauk, Long Island, NY with her life partner, Michael, her daughter, Jaya Lynn and her rescue dog Shakti.