Costa Rica 200-Hr Tropical Teacher Training Immersion

Where in Costa Rica will the training take place?
The training will take place in a small town called Matapalo that is located on the fringe of the Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula.

Where do we fly?
You will first take an international flight into San Jose, Costa Rica. Once you arrive in San Jose you can either go by bus. (This is an 8 hour bus ride) or you can take a small plane to Puerto Jiminez. From Puerto Jiminez you will take a taxi to Matalpalo to http://www.osamarmaris.com/

Will Sonic be recommending any particular flight/airline for students to fly or will individuals research and find their own flights etc.?
For international flights the Costa Rican airline: Taca has great service and great prices. For in-country flights you can fly either Sansa Air or Nature Air.

What time and day should I arrive in San Jose?
Please arrive in San Jose before 12 pm on Feb 12th . If you cannot arrive by 12pm,  you will have to spend the night in San Jose, In that case please arrive in San Jose on Feb. 11th and and fly to Puerto Jiminez the morning of the 12th.

Plan to depart from Puerto Jiminez anytime on the morning of Mar 4th.  Again, please book a flight after 2pm from San Jose home so that you can catch a morning flight from Puerto Jimenez to San Jose and have time to make the transfer.

What will be the maximum # of students in the training?The maximum number of students will be 10.

What will the minimum number of student be:  Sonic will need 6 sign ups to run the program. If there are not six sign ups by Jan. 9, 2018. Sonic holds the right to cancel the program and return all deposits.

What will be the student/teacher ratio?
There will always be three teachers present in Matapalo. They will alternate teaching sessions.  One teacher for lectures and one to three teachers during rituals.

Who are the teachers?
The three lead teachers will be teachers that lead the NYC Certification Programs.

Lauren Hanna, Tracy Mohr, Chris Temple + Jeffrey Duval

Who will be the main teacher(s) throughout the training?
There is no main teacher. All of the teaching staff will contribute equally and share in the experience. Lauren will guide you through Meditation, Subtle Body, Philosophy and Ayurveda;  Tracy & Lauren will focus on Sequencing & Creativity and Tie all of the elements together. Tracy will lead Pranayama lectures and Asana Practicum’s. Jeffrey will teach Asana Practicum and Chris will specialize in Anatomy. All of the teachers will lead the opening & closing rituals.

Where will we be staying?
Our host for the retreat will be at http://www.osamarmaris.com a luxury waterfront home in Matapalo. Marmaris is a beautiful open-air casa grande (big house) with a beautiful spacious living/dining/lounge area, 3 private bungalows,  beautiful gardens and a small pool.

What type of accommodations?
El Tumbo de las Olas is an open-air casa. Each student will have their own bed  but they will share a room and the  walls are in an open-air bungalow style.

What type of food will be available/served?
The food is absolutely amazing !!! It will be local Costa Rican with fresh fruits vegetables eggs rice beans and options for fresh fish and chicken. We will do our best to meet any dietary requirements. Please let us know before hand if you have dietary requirements.

Are there are options for Vegan & Vegetarian?
Yes, there will be options for all.

What is the mosquito situation like in this area of Costa Rica?
You will have mosquito nets, but there is no mosquito problem in this area. We generally don’t use them.

Has anyone from Sonic Yoga stayed at the place before where the training will take place?
Lauren and Tracy have spent a great deal of time in Matapalo.It is a true magical paradise and this is why we have chosen this area for our training.  This is our 8th year in Mataplao.  The  house hosts create a magical warm loving experience for all guests. We researched many places, some much less expensive but none had the magic of  Casa Marmaris + Matapalo.

How safe is the food and preparation of it? Is bottled water readily available?

The food is amazingly fresh and safely prepared. Bottled water, juices, sodas and alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.

I was told via phone the cost of the program is $4,500 (early sign up?) or $4,950. Is that correct?
Yes, If your application is received by midnight Dec. 15, you will be entitled to the discounted price. Click here to book and pay online! »

What does that include?
The fee includes Daily Asana and Meditation Practice. The Teacher Training Certification Program including the Teacher Training Manual.  3 Meals per Day and Lodging. It will also include some afternoon excursions & evening rituals guided by the teachers.

It does not include Travel costs to and from Casa Marmaris. Extra beverages or snacks other than the 3 meals, or Excursions with hired guides such as horseback rides, dolphin watching, etc…

Will there be ground transportation readily available at the airport to transport to the location or will the hotel have a vehicle to pick people up at the airport?

Please let us know your travel details. We will  arrange to have a taxi pick you up at the airport and transfer you to Casa Marmaris, It’s about a 30 min. scenic drive. Please email your flight arrival to Alex@sonicyoga.com who will coordinate those who are arriving together in the same car. The cost of the taxi transfer is approx. $40.  If you’d like you can tip $1-5 per person

What is the town like?
Puerto Jimenez is a small non- touristy Costa Rican town. In the actual town of Jimenez (30- minute taxi on scenic roads from Casa Marmaris) you will find several restaurants, shops, super markets. There is a picturesque waterfront area. There is an internet café in town where you can check your Mail and an ATM machine and a bank. The town is geared towards American tourists, most businesses are locally owned and most shop owners speak only Spanish. You can take a taxi ride into town for $50. round trip per carload. Best to share rides and split the cost.

Bars + Restaurants + Shopping in Matapalo. Matapalo is a remote area on the southwestern point of the Osa Peninsula. Once out at Matapalo which has ONE local bar/restaurant called Martina’s. You can walk from Casa Marmaris by beach for their Friday night farm market + local jewelry flea market and evening cocktails, music, and dancing! Then there is also Encanta La Vida a short walk as well. Ping Pong on Sat + Sundays. Dinner + Lunch served also with 24hr notice. There are a few more upscale resort + restaurants 15-30 minutes walk uphill where you can also see a lovely sunset.

Is there anywhere to shop?
There is a small boutique at Hotel Encanta La Vida, and at the Friday night farm market at Martina’s. Additional shopping is in town Puerto Jimenez.

Do I need to Exchange Money?
You can exchange dollars at the airport. There is also a cash machine at the airport. There is no bank in matapalo although there is a bank in Puerto Jimenez. Traveler’s cheques can be cashed at the bank here in Puerto Jimenez for 1% charge. Cash advances on Visa are available at the bank as well. Note, bank ATM’s are also available in Puerto Jimenez. US $ are accepted readily at most locations.

What should I pack?
Yoga mat
Light blanket, shawl or sarong
Eye pillow
Journal + Pen/Pencil
Yoga clothes for tropical climate
Light long pants
Tropical climate clothing, casual wear
Sunscreen (at least 30. No Joke) + Zinc
Hat and sunglasses
Light windbreaker or shell
Sturdy walking shoe, runner or light hiking boot, water shoes, flip
flops (Ladies REALLY leave your high heels at home)
Insect Repellent
Hand Sanitizer
Extra film and batteries for anything battery operated
Personal items (leave good jewelry at home)
Snacks in sealed containers or zip locks
Refillable Water bottle
Pajamas or night gown (shared rooms!)
Day backpack or fanny pack
Flashlight or Headlamp is even better
Bathing suit, Rash Guard for surfing (No need for wetsuit)

What is the weather like?
The average high temperature ranges between 80-95 degrees during the day and the low temperature is 65-70 during the night.

The sun is very strong even at 10am. So, to make sure you can enjoy all of your time, be cautious. Sunblock is a must, and not just for fair skin types. We find the best time to enjoy the beach is before 10am (particularly at sunrise) and after 3pm (particularly at sunset). This is when the light and water are at their most beautiful and, while still quite strong, the sun is a little more gentle.

If you have further questions, please contact
Lauren Hanna:  lhanna@sonicyoga.com
or call  212.397.6344

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