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Fall Schedule Change

Sonic Yoga Photoshoot February 28, 2014We hope you’re all having a lovely start to our last month of Summer!

Fall brings about exciting changes as we provide class times to best fit your schedule.

  • Saturday 9 – 10am Community Class with move to Sundays from 3 – 4pm
  • Saturday 10 – 11:15 Flow 1 will move to Saturday 10:30 – 11:45am
  • Saturday 11:30 – 12:45 Flow 1/2 will move to Saturday 11:45 – 1pm
  • Saturday 4:30 – 6pm Flow 1/2 will become Saturday Flow 1/2 4:30 – 5:45pm
  • Sunday 1:30 – 3pm Yinyasa will become Sunday 1:30 – 2:30pm Flow Fundamental
  • Sunday 4:15 – 5:45pm Flow 1/2 will become Sunday 4:30 – 5:45pmFlow 1/2
  • Wednesday 9:00am – 10:00am Open Flow will become a Yogini Flow (Pre/Postnatal practitioners welcome!)

Our schedule is always subject to change, so please make sure to check the website!

We look forward to seeing you all as we move from summer to fall, and wish you all safe travels and lovely vacations!

The Sonic Team

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Diving Deeper: Are you there hamstrings? It’s me, ego with Rian Bodner

Our hamstrings are the 1974851542thickest, densest muscles we have, and are as stubborn as our ways of thinking about our flexibility. In this workshop we will explore new ways of viewing flexibility, find length in the most vulnerable and unexpected of places, and debunk any negative stories you have around your practice. If you cringe every time you hear a teacher say forward fold, or feel that you will never be a real yogi until you can touch your toes, you will learn how your inflexibility is your greatest asset.

Saturday, September 5, 2015 2:30-4:30pm

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Yoga Trance Dance with Jeffrey Scott Duval!

Yoga Tran1974851493ce Dance® Created by Shiva Rea, Yoga Trance Dance® is a contemporary exploration of the spirit of dance within yoga. Beginning with prana yoga or the experience of prana initiating yoga asanas, yoga trance dance flows into an exploration of free-form, breath driven movement to liberate one’s creative life force and cultivate embodied freedom! Anyone who would like to move in a creative way and go beyond the boundaries of their yoga mat are welcome to enjoy.

Saturday, September 26, 2015 6:30 – 8:30pm

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3-Week Beginners Workshop – Stabilize Your Foundation with Krissy Shields

1974851511Join us in this intimate setting and build a proper foundation for your practice. You’ll go slow and steady as you utilize breath technique and awareness of alignment to understand the most fundamental postures and principals. You’ll be supported, challenged and nurtured into a real knowledge of the basics, all in two hours!

Ideal for the absolute beginner, but also any practitioner interested in stepping back and making sure a solid foundation is in place. Numbers are limited, so plenty of personal attention is guaranteed!

$75 for all 3 classes or $25 for a drop in.

Mondays September 14, 2015 – September 28, 2015 7:45pm – 9:00pm

Sign up now!

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Uncovering the Veil of Manipura Chakra by Krishna Dholakia

Emeryl JewelstoneThe Sanskrit word Manipura is broken down into mani (jewel) pura (place, city). Manipura is the third chakra residing in the naval center. It is said that jewels reside here, jewels representing fire, power, self-confidence, self-esteem and transformation.

The desire to live in one’s true power can be exhilarating, but scary and intimidating at the same time. Fear has many affects on our mind, body, and spirit. It can hold us back from living the life we truly want if we let it. Ask yourself: what would I do if I wasn’t afraid? What makes me truly happy? Are my thoughts for me or against me? Do I have the courage to get what I want?

This fire meditation will help you connect with your true desires and strengths. Take a comfortable seat. Cup your left hand and make a fist with your right hand. Place your right fist in your left open palm and extend your right thumb up. Draw your hands in front of your naval center. Close your eyes and imagine the jewels and fire that rests within you.

Your thumb represents the energy and fire. Imagine the yellow flame glowing and flickering with each inhale and exhale. The warmth of this flame spreads through you and nurtures you with its healing light.

Bring to mind the things that you are yearning to let go of, the thoughts that stop you from achieving what you want. With each inhale and exhale, the flame grows bigger and brighter. Your confidence builds and you feel ready to release those things that inhibit you into the fire. As you release and burn those inhibiting thoughts, become aware with the feeling of freedom and empowerment that you are creating. Feel the veil of fear and insecurity being lifted and find what truly resides within.

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Juicing by Krishna Dholakia, Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor


Juicing. It’s a word that we’ve become very familiar with in our society today. My clients often ask me whether they need to juice to be healthy. Drinking your fruits and vegetables through methods like juicing and blending can be easy ways to get your nutrients in. Unfortunately, both these liquefying methods come with their own nutritional ups and downs. On the upside, certain vitamins and minerals like carotenoids found in your brightly colored fruits and vegetables seem to be better absorbed in the juice form. On the downside, juice will carry a higher amount of natural concentrated sugar. Concentrated sugar is rapidly digested by your body, leading to quick spikes and drops to your blood sugar levels and decreased satiety. This can be a potential problem if you’re someone who has high or low blood sugar levels. Blended fruits and vegetables do not contain the same amount of fiber that would be consumed if you were eating whole fruits or vegetables. Fiber is the key nutrient that slows down the release of sugar in your blood system. If you’re leaving the pulp behind in your juicer, you’re probably not getting that much fiber. Here are some tips on how you can make juicing healthier for you:

  • Use whole juice instead of extracted juice. Whole juicers are designed to liquefy entire fruits and vegetables and include the fiber. Compared to eating whole fruits and vegetables, whole juice will still cause a more rapid rise in blood sugar, but not as much as drinking extracted juices which leave the fiber behind.
  • Try to juice fresh and seasonal produce. The antioxidants and phytonutrients in juiced vegetables and fruits start to break down as soon as they are exposed to light and air. If you are looking for peak nutritional value, it’s best to drink juice fresh and as soon as it has been prepared. If you don’t want to juice every day, freezing fresh juice and drinking it within a couple of days is the best way to preserve the nutrient content in the juice.
  • Try adding healthy fat and protein to your smoothie. This will slow down the release of sugar in your body. Sources like nuts, avocado, yogurt, flaxseed and healthy protein powders are good choices.
  • If you’re determined on eliminating the pulp from your juice, try transferring the pulp to other recipes. Using pulp in sauces, pastas, stews and in baking can make your dish healthy and delicious.
  • Clean your fruits and vegetables to remove any soil, bacteria, or pesticides.

Blended fruits and vegetables can increase the nutrient quality of your diet. But, you’ll get the most nutritional benefit if you chew your whole fruits and vegetables. Check out this link for my healthy green smoothie recipe that I created after my trip to Costa Rica where the pineapple is fresh and delicious!

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Moksha = Freedom

IMG_8432Namaste Dear Students and Friends,

I hope you are all enjoying the amazing fruits of summer. There is so much beauty surrounding us right now. It is the time of year when we feel most blessed, when many of us find that peace of mind that we search for all year long.

I’ve been pondering how can we change our focus to more deeply cherish these summertime feelings of ease and peace and store them deep within so we can access them during the less fruitful times of year.

It brought to mind a simple Sanskrit saying that stuck with me from the very first time I read The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Mana Eva Manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayho.

Which translates to: As the mind, so the man, bondage or liberation is in your

own mind.

IMG_8394“If you feel bound, you are bound, if you feel liberated, you are liberated. The things outside neither bind nor liberate you; only your attitude toward them does that.” Swami Satchitananda

As we all know the Yoga Sutras is about mind control and Swami Satchitananda speaks so clearly to this concept. If we can control the rising of the mind into ripples we will experience Yoga. In our modern world the rippling mind translates to stress.

The Sutras tell us how we can learn to control the stress in our mind and return ourselves to our natural state of mind that is a state of peace and beauty.

In addition to the more classical practices of Patanjali, I’ve begun working with affirmations to anchor these amazing summertime feelings into my mind.

Here are a couple of simple practices I’ve been doing that not only magnify the quality of the moment but that I believe, if practiced regularly, will have a huge impact on controlling the mind and returning it back to it’s natural state of beauty and ease.

When I’m with my 6-yeIMG_8983ar-old daughter Jaya, Each time I find us in an experience of grace and beauty, I say to her “We have a beautiful life”. It amazes me how often I’ve been saying it lately. Just yesterday as we sat on the rocks at the Montauk lighthouse watching her daddy surf, discovering secret caves in the rocks. We felt the beauty again when returning to our home and playing in our vegetable garden, and then again as she ran through our garden sprinkler shrieking with delight. And, finally as we sat at dinner with the radiant sunset shining in our window.

After dinner, she was watching the Lego movie; the theme song for the movie is “Everything is Awesome”. I’m not so crazy about the movie, but the theme song is perfect. Everything is awesome. I think Satchitananda would have approved.

The reality is that all of us have ups and downs, life can be ugly and beautiful, stressful and peaceful, it can be horrible and it can be awesome. But by focusing on the positive places in our day, we can transform those challenging experiences into moments of grace and beauty.

And for me, as I move through the busyness of summer, in those random quiet moments when I can force myself to be still and to relax. I say to myself. I have a peaceful life. Most of the time this isn’t true but in those in –between moments, I do. The more I focus my awareness on those precious moments of peace the more powerful they become.

I encourage you all this summer to work wth these affirmations as you move through your day: I have a beautiful life. I have a peaceful life. Or make up your own, and don’t forget “Everything is Awesome”

Sending you all Summer Love,

Peace + Beauty,


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Healer of the Month: Brittany S. Crosby

New York Headshot Photographer Sofia NegronBrittany Crosby is the founder of The Co Pilates. As an instructor of contemporary Pilates, Brittany has been helping clients connect the dots to achieve more efficient movement for 10 years. Brittany’s love of movement and examining the possibilities of the body has continued to evolve collaboratively through her study of and career as a dancer and an instructor. She created The Co with the intention to better service clients’ rehabilitative needs. Her knowledge and experience ranges from Core Power Yoga teacher training, pre- and post- natal, personal training, and Reiki.

Introductory phone call and first session is typically $150. For Sonic Yogis it is $125.

New York Dance photographer Sofia Negron Brittany Crosby Pilates

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Saraswati: Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning

Saraswati is the Hindu goddesSaraswatis of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning. She is a part of the trinity of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati. All three forms help the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to create, maintain and regenerate the Universe. The word Saraswati derives from the Sanskrit words Sara, which means essence, and Sva which means one self, the fused word meaning “essence of one self”, and Saraswati meaning “one who leads to essence of self knowledge. Saraswati is usually depicted wearing a white dress and seated on a white lotus, the symbol of the 7th chakra correlated with ultimate bliss and enlightenment. She has four hands representing four aspects of human personality in learning: mind, intellect, alertness and ego. She is depicted holding sacred scriptures in one hand and a lotus in the second. With her other two hands she plays the music of love and life on a string instrument called the veena.

To invoke Saraswati in your yoga practice, focus on opening vishuda, the 5th chakra, which is located at the throat and associated with communication and expression. Some asanas that open up the 5th chakra are matsayasana (fish pose) and ustrasana (camel pose). The following mantra is also used as an offering to Saraswati: 

Om Saraswati Mahabhagey, Vidye Kamala Lochaney
Viswarupey Vishalakshmi, Vidyam Dehi Namohastutey
Jaya Jaya Devi, Charachara Sharey, Kuchayuga Shobhita, Mukta Haarey
Vina Ranjita, Pustaka Hastey, Bhagavati Bharati Devi Namohastutey

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Pose of the Month: Bhujapidasana

IMG_0982Bhujapidasana: Shoulder-Pressing Pose

Arm balances activate manipura chakra, which is the power center of your body that carries your internal strength and courage. Activating your manipura chakra can help dispel fear and insecurity. It’s no surprise that most people feel very powerful and accomplished after an arm balance practice. Arm balances strengthen your body, tone your organs, and activate your bandhas. Bandhas are energetic locks located at the pelvic floor (mula bandha), abdominal area (uddiyana bandha) and throat (jalandhara Bandha).

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