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Pose of the Month: Keith Partington chooses Sukhasana

keith headshotIn our culture, December is typically a harried month. The lead up to the Winter Solstice brings many wonders but also stress and overexertion. It’s a good time to turn down the wick on our physical practice and put more focus on meditation.

Sukhasana, or easy pose or seat, is the most accessible of the meditation postures. This is ideal as it can be practiced by virtually anyone without strain. The path to meditation is always ease. Meditation requires the spine be erect so the channel for the subtle energies of the body is open and flowing freely. Sukhasana allows this.


Elevate the hips on a cushion or rolled blanket in order to tilt the pelvis forward to bring about the natural upright curvature in the spine and ease the opening of the hips. Separate and turn out the legs and bring the right heal toward the perineum first, then the left. Lower and relax the shoulders, gently press the chest forward, and draw the chin in while reaching up with the crown of the head. Relax all muscles in the face, allow the eyes to close and rest the hands on knees with the index finger locked into the thumb. Palms facing down is Jnana mudra, the gesture of knowledge; palms up is Chin mudra, the gesture of consciousness. First listen to any and all sounds in the room, then focus on the breath. You are now on your way.

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Master Class with Lauren Hanna: Om Dum Durgayei Namaha Master Class

DurgaCome join Lauren Hanna for this special class!

Om Dum Durgayei Namaha: Practice for the Goddess Durgha & Clearing Space. 

Through the practice of Durga Namaskar created by Shiva Rea, we will experience the exhale, the deep sigh of letting go. As we fearlessly dive into a deep exploration of the shadow side, we will emerge triumphant connected to our ultimate aim of progression & evolution. With both strength and grace we will effortlessly tap into our core feeling of power and together ride the tiger. Open to All!

Sunday, November 23rd | 9am – 11am | $30 Drop In
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Master Class with Lauren Hanna: Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha

LakshmiPlease come join Lauren Hanna for this special class!

Om Shrim Mahalakshimiyae Namaha: Practice for the Goddess Lakshmi & Opening to Abundance. 

Through the practice of Shakti & Lakshmi Namaskars created by Shiva Rea, we will explore the path of inner generosity and open to the inner current of Shri, the ever radiant stream of abundance. We will work with offerings and blessings to generate inner prosperity, cultivate our own inner fullness and send these offerings out as a healing sadhana to the universe. Through this practice we will connect to the flow of life & beauty that transcends external change.

Saturday, November 22nd | 9am – 11am | $30 drop in
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Clarity and At One-Ment with Isabel Liao and Johanna Bell

skyJoin Isabel Liao and Johanna Bell for a Shamanic Yoga practice honoring the divine masculine archetype as revealed through the indigenous traditions. After calling the directions, we will dive into a physical practice to embody the solar energy of the Great Father and conclude with a shamanic drum journey to receive a gift of inner wisdom.

$30, $25 for Teachers, TTs and Grads
Sunday, November 23rd | 6:30-8:30pm

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Special Center Class with Tania Kazi

SpecialCenterClassJoin Tania Kazi as she guides a melodious sufi yoga centering flow to the sounds of the acclaimed sufi musician Amir Vahab. Expect to be immersed in a tender flow, washed with the waters of Rumi poetry, find your spirit, your breath and your body unite to produce inner alchemy.

December 5th (Friday), 7:30pm

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Advanced Yoga Anatomy with Chanel Luck

ChanelLuckDecember 6th – 7th (Satuday-Sunday), 9am – 6pm!
Join Chanel Luck for an in-depth study of Anatomy for Yoga.

Learn the proper use of bones, muscles and connective tissue in Asana! Uncover and unravel the mysteries and intricacies of functional movement, breathing and alignment. This Sonic 300 hour workshop is open to all who have an interest in going deeper into their understanding of anatomy. It meets Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm.

$350 drop in.
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Students can also attend just the morning Master Classes:
-Saturday, 9-11am: Compassionate Core Cultivation
-Sunday, 9-11am: Inversions & Core

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New Leaps: Inversions and Core with Chanel Luck

ChanelLuckHave you been practicing yoga for a while now but not really sure about inversions? Steady in headstand but afraid of jumping into handstand? If you are interested or curious about getting upside down on your mat then this workshop is for you. Allow your talented teacher Chanel and her assistant team to give you instruction and tips on taking New Leaps in your yoga practice. Doing inversions can help you: Elevate mood and relieve depression. Boost brain connectivity and blood flow. Promote circulation and blood purification. Aid your overall relaxation and sleep. Promote better digestion and elimination. Combat the effects of gravity and aging. Bring playfulness and joy to your practice! Some prior inversion experience necessary. Please be a yoga student practicing regularly for at least 6 months.

$30 Drop-In ($25 TT Grad)
Sunday, December 7th 9am – 11am

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Compassionate Core Cultivation with Chanel Luck


Bring energy, awareness and compassion to one of the most important areas in your body- the core! Chanel first learned of the importance of core work in her early years training as a professional figure skater, where a strong core helped her not only physically but also emotionally with the rigors of training. Many of us think about the core from what we see on the cover of Shape magazine. Come learn from Chanel as she redefines the concept of core for you. This includes breathing, stretching, and toning not just in the belly but from the pelvic floor all the way to the throat and everything in between. This class is not just about abdominal work. This class is about learning how to move from your center, how to breathe into your center, how to gain power and courage from connecting to your core with compassion. For people of all kinds, shapes and yoga levels.

Saturday, December 6th, 9am – 11am
$30 Drop-In ($25 TT Grad)

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November Musings from Johanna Bell

Jo-ListeningDear Friends,

It is November.  The leaves are falling and with them the colorful, more superficial layers of the natural world.  We must begin the journey of seeking beauty and resonance in the bare structure of the landscape as it is revealed. We feel the passage of time so strongly this time of year as blossoms wither and harvests fade.  I always feel my heart tug and turn and that silent inner cry move through me.  “Noooo! Don’t go, dear light.  Stay longer rose and bee, leaf and warmth!”

This is the time of year associated with the sacred archetype of the crone. Think not of the ugly hag of the fairy tales…but rather the wise woman who has lived long into wisdom. She who has held enough in her hands and upon her shoulders to know the power of letting go. She who understands that change is inevitable and necessary.  She who has the inner resilience to bear witness to the ultimate transition, which is the dissolution or death of what is held most dear.  She who walks with us into the empty space of not knowing, knowing that that space is the origin of personal revelation and rebirth.

Crone-Goddess-© Susan-Seddon-BouletI share with you a poem I penned pondering the concept of “Sacred Unknowing” as presented by poet and sacred activist, Andrew Harvey, who considers unknowing to be one of the three most valuable practices in birthing one’s most radiant and divine self.

Knot Knowing

Behold the places
Which are intricately tied within you
To all you have experienced
Here and there and round about

Knowing enough to
See that space of wrapped attention
As Truth.

The knot is not the essence
But a labyrinth passage,
a portion of the puzzle
To reconfigure until it flows

With gentle insistence
the shapes
Of beast, burden and beauty
channeling the
Lightforce in on itself

untie the suffering.
Disintegrate the bonds
even to blessing’s memory.

Release frayed ends and means
Feather light into freedom.
Allow the spiral to move you
Once and for all into the
Liquid Grace of
Knowing Not

Not Knowing

Knowing the knot now
For its enwraptured purpose
Leading to the light
Woven intimately and infinitely into
The unbridled essence
Who you are.

I know now personally, when I untie the “knots of knowingness,” my openness reveals to me more beauty, more space, more possibility than my grasping mind could ever possibly see.

Open Mind, Open Hands, Open Hearts.

Let that be the mantra for us all as we allow the wheel of time to turn towards the fertile darkness.

With Great Love and Empty Hands,


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The Art & Science of Hands-On Assists with Chanel Luck

ChanelLuckJoin Senior Teachers and hands on healer Chanel Luck for an amazing journey deep into the Annamaya Kosha.

During this weekend workshop you will immerse yourself in the exploration of the physical body and learn powerful ways to heal, nurture and assist with hands on adjustments and assists for advanced asana. Sun afternoon there will be a 2 hour retreat where you will study and receive the building blocks of Restorative Yoga.

There is a teacher emphasis to this immersion but serious students are encouraged to attend.

The weekend is 16 hours | Sat & Sun, 9am-6pm | $350 to drop in
Click to sign up!

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