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15% all retail items, starting August 15th!

Sonic Yoga Photoshoot February 28, 2014Hello dear yogis,

For the next 2 weeks (August 15th – 31st), we’ll be offering 15% off all merchandise at the studio.


Come by and try on a cami, find a new yoga mat, or pick up a deity figurine to help inspire your yoga practice.

Happy Summer!

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The Power of Choice

PowerofChoiceCreate the life you want by applying ancient wisdom in a new way.

We cannot always control the circumstances of our lives, but we can choose how we respond to them. Karma yoga teaches us that tomorrow is shaped in part by the decisions we make today. Join Clara Roberts-Oss and Nico Luce in this two-part workshop and learn about the Hindu Trimurti and Tridevi philosophy, a practical guide that uses the language of images to understand the stages of cosmic manifestation. Each class will start with a dharma talk followed by a Vinyasa Flow practice open to all levels.

First class: “Accept” – Meet Brahma & Saraswati, the Power to Create. Deepen into hip-openers and spinal twists.

Second class: “Walk Away” – Meet Shiva & Shakti, the Wisdom of Letting Go. Rediscover the benefits of forward bends and rock arm-balancing poses.

Tuesday, September 9th | 4:30 – 6:00pm & Thursday, September 11th 4:00 – 5:30pm | $20 each

Sign up here!

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Mindful Nutrition: Overcoming Obstacles

krishnaKrishna Dholakia is a registered dietitian, health coach and yoga instructor who holds a master’s degree in clinical nutrition along with certifications in adult weight management. She is currently completing her 500-hour certification in Vinyasa yoga and teaches at Sonic Yoga.

This workshop will cover topics such as healthy and mindful eating, body image, self care, and self-love. Mindfulness during the eating process will be explored by using pranayama / deep breathing techniques and guided imagery. Krishna is passionate about yoga and nutrition for the soul and helping individuals realize their full potential.

Saturday, September 6th | 10am – 12pm | $30

Sign up here!

To learn more about Krishna, visit


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Pre & Post Natal Classes with Lori and Bodhi


Prenatal yoga classes are specifically designed to prepare expecting moms physically, mentally, and spiritually for labor, birth, and motherhood. We condition the pelvic floor with squats, tone the arms for eminent heavy lifting, relieve back pain with relaxing restorative postures, and align the heart with powerful meditations. By providing a safe space to connect with other expecting mothers, prenatal yoga is key to a healthy pregnancy. These classes are open to all levels and for every trimester.

Postnatal classes (Mommy & Me) are yoga classes where mother and baby can practice together. Addressing the specific back aches of heavy lifting, low energy from lack of sleep, posture correction from breastfeeding, and overall conditioning and toning, mommy gets her yoga in. Plus baby trains for crawling, rolling, and head lifting all while socializing with other moms and babies. This class is relaxed so moms can breast or bottle feed, change diapers, or console fussy little ones. Please feel free to bring baby’s favorite swaddle blanket, pacifier (if they use them), and any toys.

Lori McAlister (E-RYT 500) has been teaching yoga for 10 years and gave birth to her first son in December of 2013. After navigating her way through New York City’s prenatal/postnatal offerings she decided to design her own classes to support moms, adding in the ingredients she felt were missing. She aims to offer her yoga teachings mixed with her own personal experiences of being a mother.

Postnatal classes (Mommy & Me) are yoga classes where mother and baby can practice together. Addressing the specific back aches of heavy lifting, low energy from lack of sleep, posture correction from breastfeeding, and overall conditioning and toning, mommy gets her yoga in.

Class are Mondays at 10am (Pre-Natal) and 11am (Post-Natal). Come join us! Sign up here.

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More on Hanumanasana by Linda Bloom


“It was the greatest leap ever taken. The speed of Hanuman’s jump pulled blossoms and flowers into the air after him and they fell like little stars on the waving treetops. The animals on the beach had never seen such a thing; they cheered Hanuman, then the air burned from his passage, and red clouds flamed over the sky . . .”

– Ramayana, as retold by William Buck

What an amazing image this paints of Hanuman’s legendary leap of faith in the name of love and devotion to others!

As summer can sometimes become rather challenging by mid to late August, it’s more important than ever to attempt to step outside of our own frustrations and stresses.

One way to do this is to hold a place in our hearts, minds and spirits for others. By taking the focus off of ourselves we are able to find more energy, commitment and compassion than we may have realized we are capable of holding.

Take this onto the mat and into your exploration of Hanuman as August winds down and see how dedicating your practice to others can actually be very helpful to you! Namaste!

(Read more about Hanumanasana in our Pose of the Month article.)

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Finding Space

AugustOpeningI wish with all of my heart that you are all having an amazingly blissful summer!

But, I have to be real and honest. It has been a challenging summer for me, as I navigate some serious health issues. It has been a deeply transformative time
for me as I rest in the reality of my situation, while doing my best to enjoying the beauty of life around me and at the same time seeking out ways to stay present and calm.

I am writing to you all from the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts where I am spending time on retreat with my dear friend and teacher Shiva Rea. Shiva is leading a retreat that invites you to explore the regenerative movement alchemy of sringara rasa vinyasa, the living circulation of fluid love.

As we move into the peak of summer, for many of us life is beautiful in so many ways, we are traveling and celebrating, swimming and surfing, dancing and playing. As we should be… but yet is there something we are missing as we move through the busy-ness of our days?

It was so difficult for me to pull myself away from the surf and sand of Montauk, my husband, daughter and community. But as the summer frenzy builds in the Hamptons and people are working so hard to have fun. I am breathing a sigh of relief that I am now present in a place that is so quiet, healing and clearing. A place where there is space, forest and sky.

Sometimes we are blind sided with life’s challenges. It is so easy to stay centered when we are in the expansive aspects of life, when things are going our way. The interesting challenge is when we are in the contraction cycle and the energy is taking us down. How do we find that zero state, the state of just being?

How can we learn to rejuvenate and restore. What are the practices that can bring us to that place where we are tuned into our essential energetic selves? The place of love, joy, compassion, the essence of the source itself.

It came to me during practice this morning with my teacher Shiva. If we rest in the pause, the space in-between, if we can find the small spaces amongst all of the movement, if we can linger and languish in them, we will be gifted entry to that place of beauty within us, the space of all that is.

In the midst of all of the ups and downs and insanities of life, it is there in those wide open spaces that we can just “Be”, that we can remember our true essential selves, get out of the voices in our heads and feel our hearts and love one another, even if we are in a place of difficulty or stress in our lives.

So my message to you all is to find those spaces, whether it is literally a huge giant field, or a deep forest or open ocean. Or more simply, perhaps a moment of pause in your breath, in your movement, in your thoughts.

To rest in those big open spaces and in the words of Ram Dass

“Be Here Now”
Right Here, Right Now.

Thanks for listening. I love you all!
See you in September






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Love, Spirit and You: An Evening of Evolutionary Intimacy Practice with Sally Kempton – Wednesday, August 13th

SallyKemptonIn this evening class, we’ll explore the path of love and evolutionary relationship as it shows up in our encounters with the Self and others. We’ll begin with some insights and practices from the devotional traditions. We’ll meditate on kindling the heart, and look at how our relational styles show up in our encounters with Spirit. We’ll play with deity practice as a portal into Spirit. Most of all, we’ll practice the art of meeting the Divine in another person. This is a workshop that can literally change your understanding about your relationship with yourself, with other people, and with Spirit itself. You’ll learn: • Devotional meditation practice • The art of evolutionary dialogue • Partner practices for opening up mystical experience between yourself and another • Some inner secrets of deity practice • Spiritual love at different levels of consciousness? A veteran of the path of intimacy with the inner Beloved, Sally will share insights and signature practices for invoking your own insight and unique experience. Together, we’ll create a space of safety and challenge that will allow you to deepen your own relationship to Spirit as the Beloved—both inside and with others. Learn more at Shriyoga is co-hosting this event with Sonic Yoga. Registration and event at Sonic Yoga, and further questions or enquiries should be directed to Wednesday, August 13th | 7:00 – 9:30pm $60 before August 6th, $70 after’ Sign up now!

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Post of the Month: Pitta Season

pitta2We are currently in the height of pitta season, and here in New York City where we walk everywhere and wait for the subway on crowded, hot platforms, the heat seems to be even worse. That’s why it’s important during this time of year to follow practices that tame the pitta and cool us down.

People with predominately pitta constitutions are susceptible to digestive issues, irritability, and impatience, and during the summer months, these become aggravated in everyone, and particularly in those with an excess of pitta in their systems. We can counteract the pitta and balance ourselves through diet, as well as through our yoga practice. During this time of year, one should eat cooling foods such as fresh fruit, salads, and raw veggies, and avoid spicy foods and heavy dishes.

Your yoga practice should also change during pitta season to avoid overheating and aggravating the body and mind. Avoid doing too many arm balances or core-focused poses, as well as heat-building pranayama such as bhastrika and khapalabhati. Forward folds and restorative poses, such as supta badhakonasana are great during this time of year, as is sitali, a cooling pranayama technique in which air is taken in through a curled tongue.

In our Western culture there is a strong tendency to always want to do a fiery practice, but there are many benefits to a slower, more restorative practice, especially during the summer months. Here is a simple recipe for a light and refreshing salad, as well as a sample yoga sequence you can do at home. Make sure to move through this sequence slowly so as not to get overheated.

Keep cool and take things slow this time of year, your mind and body will thank you for it!


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Yoga Sequence for Pitta Season

photo 3Here’s a cooling yoga sequence to get you through Pitta Season (summer)!

  • Begin in a wide legged child’s pose and take several deep breaths
  • Rise to hands and knees, and on an exhale walk the arms out in front of you, keeping the hips over the knees and placing the chin or forehead onto the mat in anahata
  • Return to hands and knees
  • Inhale the right arm up to the sky, gaze at the hand and exhale the right arm under the left shoulder, placing both shoulders on the mat. Extend the left arm in front of you and gaze up at the armpit. Take 5 deep breaths here
  • Inhale and slowly return to hands and knees. Exhale.
  • Inhale the left arm up, gaze at the hand and exhale the left arm under the right shoulder. Once again place both shoulders on the mat, extend the top arm and gaze at the right armpit. Take 5 breaths here
  • Inhale return to hands and knees
  • Exhale and press the hips back, coming into downward facing dog. Take 5 deep breaths in down dog, peddling the feet if necessary
  • Exhale, bend the knees and walk to the top of your mat, folding over into uttanasana. Take 5-10 deep breaths in uttanasana

Surya Namaskar A (2 rounds)

  • Inhale the hands to the shins, coming into a flat back. Ardha uttanasana
  • Exhale, uttanasana
  • Inhale and step the right leg back coming into a low lunge. Lower the knee, and tuck the toes, tent the fingertips and look up
  • Exhale and step back to downward facing dog
  • Inhale and roll forward to plank
  • Exhale and lower the knees, chest and chin. Ashtanga namaskar
  • Inhale into cobra
  • Exhale, downward facing dog
  • Inhale the right leg up behind you
  • Exhale step the foot between the hands, lower the back knee, tent the fingertips and look up
  • Step the left foot to meet the right, folding over into uttanasana
  • Inhale, ardha uttanasana
  • Exhale uttanasana
  • Inhale the arms out and overhead
  • Exhale palms to heart center
  • Repeat this sequence on the left side, and then do each side once more
  • From downward facing dog, inhale the right leg into a down dog split
  • Exhale the foot between the hands, coming into a low lunge with the knee and top of the foot on the mat
  • Bring the hands to the thigh, then extend the arms overhead interlacing the fingers in an L. Take a slight backbend here
  • Bring the hands to frame the foot, lift the back knee and inhale the right arm up, coming into a twist
  • Bring the hand down and heel toe the right foot to the right of the mat, outside the right hand, coming into lizard
  • Bring the foot back between the hands and straighten the right leg for ardha hanuman
  • Exhale step back to plank and move through a vinyasa
  • Repeat sequence on the left side
  • From down dog, inhale the right leg up
  • Exhale the right knee to meet the right wrist and fold over into pigeon
  • Repeat on the left
  • Come to with legs extended in front of you
  • Inhale the arms up and hinge from the hips, folder over the legs in paschimottanasana
  • Come to lie on the back and take a supine twist on each side
  • Release the twist and relax into savasana


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Recipe for Pitta Season: Watermelon & Feta Salad

photo 4

Here’s a cooling salad recipe to get you through Pitta season (summer)!


Seedless watermelon. Feta cheese. Arugula. Fresh basil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Balsamic Vinegar. Coarse sea salt.


Place a generous handful of arugula onto a plate. Cut the watermelon into large chunks and place 3-4 chunks on top of the arugula. Top with crumbled feta and a few sprigs of basil. Drizzle with olive oil and vinegar and sprinkle with sea salt. Enjoy!

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