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Pose of the Month: Parivrrta Trikonasana


Johanna Bell chooses Revolved Triangle pose. 

Parivrrta Trikonasana is a beautiful physical expression of how to work with the energies of fall. The spiral of the twist holds the metaphor of change, clearing, and revolution inherent in the season. The open heart and the wingspan of the arms invoke the autumn wind and the beauty of the pure air.

Fall is Vata season, and Vata Dosha is related to the elements of air and ether. To work with these energies in a balanced way, we must find the counter energies of ground and center. In Parivrrta Trikonasana, the stability of the feat and legs, and the proper use of the bandhas is crucial in being able to revolve the pose properly and find the freedom of flight. 

Oh, and: This pose can create a lot of heat which you might welcome as the nights become crisp and the autumn breeze blows :-)

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Begin your Yogi journey with our Beginner Workshops!

These intimate group experiences offer a safe, nurturing and inspiring setting to begin your yoga journey. You will leave the workshop understanding basic yoga techniques and foundation poses to help you feel confident in a scheduled group class.

We will guide you through the following:
• brief background on what yoga is, and our style
• common and simple breathing exercises
• foundation postures and how to adapt them to your needs
• how linked postures work together in our juicy flows
• how to modify postures uniquely to your body 

And, we repeat things a lot, so you’re sure to learn!

This fall, we have not one, but two series to offer you:

Monday 5-week Beginner Workshop (9/08 – 10/06) with Krissy Shields
1 class a week for 5 weeks. $125 for all 5 classes or $25 for drop ins.

Saturday Yoga Fundamentals 2 (9/6 – 9/21) with Keith Partington
A workshop series ideal not only for the absolute beginner but also any practitioner interested in stepping back and making sure the fundamentals are in place.
1 class a week for 3 weeks. $75 for all 3 classes, $25 drop in for single classes. After this series you’re still able to get 30 days of unlimited yoga for $30.

Sign up now!

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Global Mala Project with Jeffrey Duval

GlobalMalaA planet-wide celebration of the power of yoga to unite people across borders to honor the Sun or Surya as the unifying source of all creation and power. Awaken your practice not only the needs of your individual self, but of the greater picture of healing humanity.

Enjoy 108 rounds of Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations as we dedicate 27 round to your life force, your friends and family, your global activation, and to the Source.

All donations, great and small will be collected and go towards Covenant House, to assist homeless youth and individuals who need assistance.

Founded by Shiva Rea in 2007 and now in partnership with Yoga Month and Yoga for Peace, the Global Mala Yoga for Peace is a seed of a world-wide experiment into the power of meditation in action. This event is offered in conjunction with worldwide celebrations of the Global Mala Project in over 50 countries, uniting the global yoga community from every continent, school, and approach to form a “mala around the earth” through collective practices based upon the sacred cycle of 108. The intention is to join thousands of planetary rituals that are raising consciousness on Fall Equinox and UN International Peace Day.

All donations will be collected in cash only the night of the event.

Saturday, September 20th | 6:30 – 8:30pm | By Donation

Sign up now!

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The Power of Choice

PowerofChoiceCreate the life you want by applying ancient wisdom in a new way.

We cannot always control the circumstances of our lives, but we can choose how we respond to them. Karma yoga teaches us that tomorrow is shaped in part by the decisions we make today. Join Clara Roberts-Oss and Nico Luce in this two-part workshop and learn about the Hindu Trimurti and Tridevi philosophy, a practical guide that uses the language of images to understand the stages of cosmic manifestation. Each class will start with a dharma talk followed by a Vinyasa Flow practice open to all levels.

First class: “Accept” – Meet Brahma & Saraswati, the Power to Create. Deepen into hip-openers and spinal twists.

Second class: “Walk Away” – Meet Shiva & Shakti, the Wisdom of Letting Go. Rediscover the benefits of forward bends and rock arm-balancing poses.

Tuesday, September 9th | 4:30 – 6:00pm & Thursday, September 11th 4:00 – 5:30pm | $20 each

Sign up here!

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Advanced Asana Teacher Training

JeffreyJoin Jeffrey Duval and earn hours towards your 300 hour teacher training or advance your practice.

In this training, we will go deeper into the understanding of the foundational principles of Hath Yoga and refine our skills in both practice and teacher of Advanced Asana. Understand the elements and components of advanced asana and how it requires special preparation and learn the prerequisites that need to be mastered before going into advanced asanas. Individually access your own strengths and weaknesses with your practice and teaching of yoga, and learn ways to become stronger, removing obstacles and barriers so that you can learn to become a better teacher and feel more confident when offering advanced options like inversions or complex arm balances in class.

Refine your knowledge of Bandhas and Pranayama while learning the proper kramas or stages to safely and effectively advance your practice to the next level and work with Jeffrey to develop a plan or Sadhana, tuition included an Advanced Asana Teacher Training Booklet for your reference.

Ideally you have completed a 200 hour training and/or have an intermediate practice and wish to advance your practice and teacher of yoga, or you are very passionate about yoga and wish to advance your practice for your own needs.

The weekend is 16 hours | Sat & Sun, 9am – 6pm | $350 Drop In

Students have the option to take the whole weekend of Teacher Training, or just attend the Master Classes at 9:00-11:00am on Saturday & Sunday.

Sign up now!

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Yoga Trance Dance & Kirtan

TranceJoin Jeffrey Duval, Mercedes Bermejo, and Mathew Wiviott

Yoga Trance Dance is a free-form exploration of yogic based movement and dance expression to liberate your creative life force. Developed by Shiva Rea, Yoga Trance Dance is a ritual container that has become internationally acclaimed by celebrating theSahaja or spontaneous movement that is guided through different elements and ecstatic dance, culminating with meditation. Anyone who wished to move in a creative way and go beyond the boundaries of their yoga mat are welcome to enjoy this special evening with live musical guests Mercedes Bermejo on harmonium and Mathew Wiviott who plays the Chinese Harp.

All donation that are collected will go to Covenant House in NYC to help homeless youth and will be collected in cash only the night of the event.

Saturday, September 27th | 6:30 – 8:30pm | By donation

Sign up now!

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Mindful Nutrition: Overcoming Obstacles

krishnaKrishna Dholakia is a registered dietitian, health coach and yoga instructor who holds a master’s degree in clinical nutrition along with certifications in adult weight management. She is currently completing her 500-hour certification in Vinyasa yoga and teaches at Sonic Yoga.

This workshop will cover topics such as healthy and mindful eating, body image, self care, and self-love. Mindfulness during the eating process will be explored by using pranayama / deep breathing techniques and guided imagery. Krishna is passionate about yoga and nutrition for the soul and helping individuals realize their full potential.

Saturday, September 6th | 10am – 12pm | $30

Sign up here!

To learn more about Krishna, visit


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September Blog Post: Fall Equinox

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis year, the Fall Equinox will take place in the Eastern United States on September 22 at 10:29pm EST. Astrologically speaking, the equinox occurs when the Earth’s Equator passes the center of the Sun. At that moment, Earth’s axis neither inclines away from nor towards the Sun, thus both of Earth’s hemispheres receive an equal amount of sunlight. There are two equinoxes every year, the Fall Equinox in late September, and the Spring Equinox in late March. At the time of these equinoxes, day and night are of approximately equal duration.
For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the Fall Equinox is the time of year when daylight begins to retreat, preparing us for the increasingly shorter days that lead into winter. The equinox marks the beginning of the shift from the light of summer to the darkness of winter. It is a powerful moment of cosmic balance. We can think of the equinox as nature’s way of asking us to pause and appreciate both the light and the dark that resides within us all. The movement and the stillness. It can also be a time for us to reflect on how we can bring more balance into our lives. So as this special time of year approaches, consider thinking about where your imbalances lie. Do you need to invite more light in? Or perhaps there is something dark that you have been avoiding. Now may be the time to embrace it. Whatever it may be, there are very few moments like this in life, particularly in this age of overstimulation and constant pressure to move on to the next thing. So take some time to reflect and accept what the Universe is telling you.

Om Shanti. Namaste.

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Post of the Month: Season of Change

teacher-joDear Sonic family,

When I think of September, the image that arises within me is a sky that is heartrendingly blue, full of revealing light that is a shade softer than it was in August.  Inherent in the clarity of the sky is the presence of a strong wind, a wind of change…a wind that carries notes of autumn and the bittersweet melody of time passing and things shifting.  It seems to me that the call to change is sounding more powerfully than ever before.  I wonder if you are experiencing this as well? It seems to me that we are being asked from every direction, above, below, without and within, to release ways of being  and living that are not in alignment with the clear blue sky of our deepest truth…that we are being asked to open our wings and allow for this powerful force of evolution to catch us at the back of the heart and set us soaring into the azure space of new clarity and infinite possibility.

But…what strength it takes to find our inner ground and calm as we simultaneously let go into the whirlwind of change and evolution!  This is one of the most profound practices within the conscious path….to hold the paradox between being earthed and flying….staying steadfast whilst evolving, holding center whilst letting go…being willing to allow some things to pass, so that other things may be born.

I have begun working with a beautiful mantra from the Kundalini tradition that I’d love to share with you.  It is known as the Aquarian Mantra and is thought to be THE mantra for the shift we are all experiencing now.  As challenges expand and the call to change sings louder, it is thought that we must cultivate the steady, timeless, deathless space inside of us…the victorious space that can hold all that passes, dissolves and revolves with courage and steadfast calm.

Sat Siri Siri Akal
Siri Akal Maha Akal
Maha Akal Sat Nam
Akal Moorat Wahe Guru

The True Great One , The Great Deathless One
The Great Deathless One beyond Death,
Beyond Death, Truth is its name,
The Deathless form of the Divine, Ecstasy is Pure Consciousness

Click here to hear the mantra.

As we move into this season of change, may we all continue to listen to the call of our truth.  May we be willing to let go of the ground we know and move to that higher deeper ground within, that sacred ground from which we will find the  courage to let go and set ourselves soaring into the great expanse of all that is unfolding for our highest good.

With Great Love,


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15% all retail items, starting August 15th!

Sonic Yoga Photoshoot February 28, 2014Hello dear yogis,

For the next 2 weeks (August 15th – 31st), we’ll be offering 15% off all merchandise at the studio.


Come by and try on a cami, find a new yoga mat, or pick up a deity figurine to help inspire your yoga practice.

Happy Summer!

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