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Shamanic Earth Healing Ceremony with Brian McGuire – Sun. 4/23 at 6:30pm

In Celebration of the Earth and Earth Day (April 22), we will honor the Great Mother with a healing ceremony. During this free- form Shamanic Ritual, we will align ourselves with the healing powers of the universe and channel this love and sacred energy back to our precious planet.

Please bring drums or rattles, a notebook, and any other shamanic items that you might have. Also, bring two tablespoons of soil (please just 2) that has been stressed or polluted in some way. This can be from anywhere, a nearby park, the beach, your garden, etc. $25

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Spring Serenade with Thomas Wave on Live Sitar with Lauren Hanna – Wed. 4/23 at 6:30pm

Join Lauren and Thomas Wave on Wednesday April 23 at 6:30 for a Special class dedicated to sweet mother earth and her radiant blossoming into Spring!

Lauren will guide us through an expansive Vinyasa Flow class of balancing, heart opening and grounding asana, accompanied by Thomas’ sweet serenade. Together, we will honor both the internal and external experience of growth and expansion that occurs at this magical time of year. Through this practice we honor the earth and will learn to embody our greatest strength & beauty and celebrate our limitless potential!

8:30 pm – Meditation and Kirtan $20 dedicated to the Earth or as she is affectionately known by all Yogis, Ma! Regular class passes apply so no need to register. Please sign up for the regular Wednesday 6:30 class to participate.

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Dance As Ritual Workshop With Wendy Joseph – Saturday 4/12 at 2:30pm

“Our body is the most precious gift that we have been given. Our body houses our mind and spirit and it is through this vehicle that we tap into the potent energy of the Life Force which nourishes all of creation. When we bring presence of mind to our body as we move, we open a wellspring of healing that radiates throughout our internal universe. To Dance is to Soar, and to be a Blessing on the Earth.”

Using organic flowing movement, we’ll strengthen, stretch, tune, and tone the body. Wendy uses guided imagery to encourage participants to mindfully work within their own bodies. She emphasizes deep breathing and healthful alignme

nt of the body’s skeletal structure. Energy flows from the feet along the spine and resonates at the top of the head.

The music of Keith Jarrett, Samba drums and the Pacific Islands inspires the dance movements. Participants come away with clear minds, playful spirits and a joyful awareness of their bodies.

Cost: $25
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Healer of the Month: Massage Therapy with Will Levasseur

Will LeVasseur, LMT, APP, is a NYS Licensed bi-coastal massage therapist and is honored to have graduated from Sonic’s Teacher Training, and to be Healer for April!

With over five years of experience in massage, and a lifetime of honing his energetic skill, Will brings knowledgeable hands and a warm heart, crafting each session specifically to the needs of the client. From Swedish to Deep Tissue, Shiatsu to Polarity and CranioSacral, Will helps you achieve balance in both your physical and energetic fields. Available 7 days a week, 9am-10pm!

To make an appointment, call 206-992-1255, or email


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POSE OF THE MONTH: Natarajasana

Spring is here! And we have much to celebrate as we witness the rebirth of the natural world around us. It may not be easy to see in Hell’s Kitchen, but look closely, it’s happening; the cycle of life begins again!

Nataraja, the dancing form of Lord Shiva, represents the celebration of the cycle of dissolution in preparation for the new beginning. Nataraja is depicted standing on Apasmara Purusha, the personification of illusion over whom Shiva triumphs. His lower right hand is in Abhaya Mudra, representing fearlessness.

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Celebrating Spring!

Namaste Dear Sonic Community,

It’s been a long winter for New Yorkers . I could feel the huge sigh of relief as we passed over on the March 20th, equinox into spring. Yet, despite the freezing temperatures last week, I am still witnessing the budding of spring in the  tenacious plants in my yard pushing upwards towards the sun.

April is a sacred month at Sonic. We are celebrating both Spring Navaratri and Earth Day. Navaratri is the 9 day festival honoring the goddess Shakti in all her forms.  It is a beautiful practice of purifying, manifesting and reflecting as  we mirror nature in her transition from winter to spring. Earth Day is created to honor the preciousness of our natural environment & to heighten awareness of campaigns meant to preserve & restore the purity of our sacred planet.

Some of you may have noticed that I’m no longer teaching weekly public classes at Sonic. As things are shifting in my life, it has become important to spend more of my energy on the visionary aspects of the business, as well as spending less time away from my precious daughter, Jaya. I will continue to teach a monthly “Special” class with live musician friends, alternating monthly on Weds at either 12:30 or 6:30pm. I hope to see you there.

Just as the earth turns on her axis, we often find ourselves spinning through  life.  For me just having returned from teacher training in Costa Rica and gearing up to teach in Japan this month, connecting to my roots is an essential healing practice.

One way to honor Earth Day is to take it literally and “earth oneself” It is an opportunity to take time to anchor, to connect to your roots and to celebrate steadiness.

Here are some of my favorite ways to ground on Earth day :

  • Move slowly
  • Breathe slow & deep
  • Say no
  • Create space between commitments
  • Sit and eat three full meals
  • Massage your feet
  • Play an instrument
  • Meditate
  • Turn off your phone
  • Listen
  • Look in someone’s eyes
  • Complete one task at a time
  • Take a walk-barefoot
  • Read a real book
  • Stargaze
  • Plant something
  • Take a nap
  • Smell the flowers

Another way to honor Earth Day is to participate in an Energy Fast as created by my teacher Shiva Rea in her Sacred Activism program YEA. Yoga Energy Awareness.

Here are some simple steps from Shiva for unplugging:

  • Bike instead of drive
  • Use solar or candle light for zero electricity use.
  • Unplug all appliances, turn off cell phones, computers, iPods…(except refrigerator).
  • Go for zero or as little waste as possible by composting and recycling.
  • Cook less, eat less, waste less
  • Reduce water consumption: flush one less time / cut 2-6 minutes off your shower

Go to Facebook and sign up to participate in Shiva’s Yoga Energy Activism group page  – unplug, use zero waste, and tune in with thousands of other yoga practitioners around the world to inspire positive global change.

And finally, please join us for two special Earth Day celebrations at Sonic:

Spring Serenade with Lauren and Thomas on Live Sitar on Wednesday, April 23 at 6:30pm. A special class dedicated to sweet mother Earth and her radiant blossoming into Spring ! And, Shamanic Earth Healing Ceremony with Brian McGuire on Sunday April 27 at 6:30 pm. Align with the healing powers of the universe and channel this love and sacred energy back to our precious planet

Sending you all healing love and beauty. May you move through this transition with patience and grace leading to a powerful blossoming into full spectrum joy and expansion!


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Advanced Meditation: Discovering What Is Sacred – April 4th through April 6th

The question, “Why Meditate?” seems to be a growing topic in conversation, and the simplest explanation might be to just be. The simplicity of this particular explanation also presents a paradoxical complication, for our lives, as we experience them, are a constant flow of ideas, exchanges and relationships. Therefore, the intention to meditate holds the space to pause, breathe and notice that we are both being and becoming. The great tantric traditions do present our existence as a pulsing, creative, never-ending unfolding of consciousness as everything and everyone. During our time together we will experiment with a variety of meditation techniques as learned by Elizabeth from her primary meditation and philosophy teacher, master Sally Kempton. Sally’s much celebrated book, Meditation for the Love of It: enjoying your own deepest experience will be our primary resource.

In this module we will learn and practice a number of subtle and powerful contemplative and meditative techniques, all designed to help us open ourselves to the sacred and equip us with tools we can use to nurture, cultivate, and expand our awareness through every cell of the body/mind. The techniques will include: finding the space or madhya between breaths; mantra chanting; tonglen (a Tibetan esoteric breathing and visualization practice designed to cultivate altruism and universal compassion); grounding and centering methods; and pranayama. There will also be time for contemplative questions and self-inquiry/conscious conversation.

Please purchase a copy of Meditation for the Love of It: enjoying your own deepest experience at

Full Weekend Module Hours ($350 or $315 for Sonic TT Grad):

  • Master Class Part 1: Friday, 7:30 – 9:30pm
  • Master Class Part 2: Sunday, 9:00 – 11:00am
  • Saturday, 11am – 6pm
  • Sunday, 9am – 6pm

Master Classes: $30 Drop In each ($25 Sonic TT or Grad)

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Healer of the Month: Massage Therapy with Evangeline Dardouni

HOTM Evangeline Dardouni poster

Evangeline is a NYS licensed massage therapist, with a strong yoga practice. Washington Heights, NY is her hometown, and she has been a part of the Sonic community since 2006. Evangeline is also Pre-natal certified. She brings physical strength, mindfulness, and intuition to her bodywork, and approaches her work with an open heart and the intention to serve. With a combination of firm Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, Evangeline provides a customized massage that leaves her client with a deeply healing and restorative experience.

To learn more about Evangeline, check out her contact information:

Please call 917-623-4822, 
or email Evangeline at
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POSE OF THE MONTH: Chaturanga Dandasana

POTM Chaturanga Dandasana

We are on the verge of the transition of seasons and it’s a good time to look at the transitions in our practice as it relates to our lives.  How we enter and exit a posture or situation isn’t separate from the pose or event; we actually carry all of that information into it.  Just like if you were to begin a road trip with the steering wheel tilted to the right, the rear view mirror too high, staring at your iPhone, you wouldn’t get past the end of the block. It’s easy to forget that Chaturanga is not just a transition but an actual posture, a moment of consciousness that prepares us for what’s to come.  If we just skim past this moment without thoughtful consideration, we prevent ourselves from experiencing the heart opening which is to come.  It’s sort of like moving in too fast for a kiss on a first date; you could wind up with your tongue in someone’s ear.

To practice Chaturanga: From Downward Facing Dog, come forward, bringing your shoulders over your wrists. Press back through the balls of your feet, and feel your heels lengthening towards the back of the room as you draw your chest forward. Bend your elbows straight back and bring your chest forward. Don’t be afraid to come forward toward your toes as well. Lower down until your arms make two ninety-degree angles, from wrist to forearm and forearm to upper arm, and your hips and shoulders are in one long line. Your elbows should be touching the sides of the front of your ribcage. If all of these points are in place, you can actually support yourself and breathe here for a moment.

Enjoy the view as you transition with resilience and grace.

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Equinox of the Soul

jophotoDearest Sonic Community,

Welcome to March, a month rather aptly named for the Roman God of war.  During this cusp month, we see the weather tempestuously fluctuate between warm and cold, rain and sun, dark and light. It’s a battle of sorts between seemingly opposing forces. Because we human beings are so inextricably linked to the whole of the universe, we may actually feel ourselves reflecting this conflict in the context of our personal journey. I know…Arghh!

But wait…before you gear up for a struggle, please permit me to herald the Good news. The volatile month of March leads eventually to the truce between dark and light (the Equinox) which heralds the coming of the season of  light. The sacred energetic balance inherent in this waypoint on the wheel of the year is more powerful than any weapon or martial technique could ever be and it teaches us of a field that is very different than a field of battle…a quiet space…the space between…

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.


In the healing traditions, this field is known as Shunya, or the zero field.  It is the oneness, beyond right and wrong, outer and inner, Shiva and Shakti, West and East, sorrow and joy, darkness and light.

It is said that a Yogi is one who recognizes compassionately the presence of polarity on this journey of life and yet is not affected at his or her core by pairs of opposites. It sounds simple, but it takes tremendous practice and skill on all layers of being, physical,mental and energetic.

Why not use this potent energetic time to commit to your inner balance with daily practice? Perfect timing! Our Spring Equinox Yogathon begins March 20th. Read more about it here.

You can also begin a daily ritual of Nadi Shodhana, a simple pranayama technique which balances the hemispheres of the brain and opens the stillpoint of the third eye. Click here to read more.

As we pass through the crazy dance of cold and warm, rain and sun on the way towards the balance of dark and light, may we all consciously cultivate the incredible potential of the space between, the Shunya…the Equinox of the soul.

Much Love and infinite Peace to you all!


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