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In your heart, your love for yoga is blossoming evermore and the space it has taken up in your life has widened…to…learn more…go deeper.  You may have already established a personal asana practice and tasted the benevolent and joyous fruits of teaching as you shared your passion with others. Perhaps you’ve made your way onto sub lists at some of the smaller studios or you are teaching a fiery 7am class at one of the bigger studios. But still, your take home after commuting and teaching isn’t quite cutting it and this experience has helped you realize that your 200 hour certification only scraped the tip of an iceberg that is thousands of years of accumulated yogic knowledge. Now it is time to transcend your present understanding of yoga and take your career and personal practice to new heights.

As you ponder how your yoga lifestyle can evolve from great to even greater, you wonder what your next step is? How can you nurture the bloom in your heart and strengthen its roots in your practice?  Well… there are alternatives to studying in a Himalayan cave that are closer to home such as engaging in a 500 Hour Teacher Training (TT) program designed to delve deeply into yoga philosophy and its practical application.  A 500 hour TT program can sharpen teaching skills that increase your offerings to students.  You’ve probably had at least one moment like this: you are in a very challenging pose…you are struggling… your long time teacher takes notice and gives you an adjustment (verbal or physical)…and then…WOW…all this space opens up and you feel a freedom of spirit in this pose like you never thought possible…what was once a pose you disliked becomes your favorite!  Having this kind of impact on your students on a daily basis is not a dream but a reality when you have a greater understanding of anatomy, the subtle body, and advanced adjustment techniques.  So when you enroll in a 500 hour TT like our Sonic Yoga Advance Studies Program, not only are you giving yourself the opportunity to deepen your personal practice but you are also increasing your capacity to deepen that of your students as well. Of course, with greater impact comes greater responsibility, so be prepared to manage a perpetually increasing student following as our 500 hour TT certification will give you the experience and clout to nail those prime teaching spots at the big studios and to earn higher income per class at the best gyms & spas.

With the growing population of yoga practitioners, experienced teachers are in higher demand than ever.  Over the last 30-years, millions of people have discovered this amazing practice and, as we experience massive growth in the over-50 population in the next 20 years, millions more will clamor for the healing, stress-relieving, life-enhancing impact, especially, in a private setting. Speaking of privates, you’ve likely been wanting to build your private client list but feel you need to learn more about advanced asanas and adjustments to feel confident. So it’s good to know that our Sonic Yoga Advanced Studies Program will equip you with information and experience to attract even the most discerning of private clients.  Also with Yoga’s rise in popularity the experience levels of yoga practitioners has become more diverse, increasing the demand for more challenging and educational classes taught by highly skilled teachers. And thus, a wonderful way to supplement your teaching income is by offering specialized workshops. Our Advanced Studies program will teach you skills and techniques to allow you to grow confident in offering specialized workshops and earn hundreds or even thousands more!

The rigorous and serious 500HR TT certification earns you the right to write the coveted title of “RYS-500” after your name which makes more job opportunities available, you are able to earn more per class and maximize the income earned from doing what you love well into the six figures! You’ve probably already heard that you can earn great income by attracting corporate clients and teaching in corporate wellness programs but thought you didn’t have enough experience to tap into the opportunities available in corporate consulting. As an RYS-500 graduate from our Advanced Studies Program you will be equipped to teach pranayama and mediation for stress management in the style of Yoga that many corporations are looking for, and thus lure in the big corporate clients and other lucrative opportunities.

In a nutshell, what does it mean to be “RYS-500”? What Yoga studios, corporate and private clients see is a teacher empowered with deep understanding of Yoga’s healing properties for the mind, body and spirit, a teacher that can adapt a practice for individual student needs, is comfortable with the subject matter and therefore at-ease and creative with teaching it to either groups or in a private setting.  A teacher amongst teachers.
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When pursuing matters close to the heart choosing the right program for you is essential.

We are The Center for Yoga Studies at Sonic Yoga NYC. We have been training & certifying teachers for over 10 years. We are one of the longest standing Teacher Certification programs in the world.  If you want to deepen your practice and sharpen the tools through which you navigate the mysteries of your body and inner world, we’d love to be your teachers, mentors and champions. But, it’s also critical that you find the program that fits you best. So, here are a few things you should know about our 500 hour TT program. When you train and certify with us…

You’ll attend a “Registered” Yoga Alliance school. Why does that matter? While there are no licensing requirements for yoga, Yoga Alliance has established widely- adopted standards for education and certification at the 200 and 500-hour levels. Schools must navigate a rigorous review process in order to become “Registered” and then graduate “Registered Yoga Teachers” (RYTs). You can “only” become an RYT if you’ve graduated from a Registered Yoga Alliance School. So, if it’s important to you to become registered as a YA teacher, just be sure that any schools you look at not only “follow” the Yoga Alliance standards, but are actually “registered” and accredited by them.

You’ll benefit from the experience and reputation of established, internationally-acclaimed school.  Why is this so important to you? Because, you benefit not only from the experience of our amazing faculty and strong-reputation, but from our voracious quest to constantly improve, add-to and refine the program every time we present it. From cutting-edge presentations to ancient healing mudras, you will experience the best in professional yoga education in an easygoing, super-friendly and supportive environment.

You’ll reinforce the skills to teach & embody vinyasa flow yoga – In our program, you’ll deepen your own practice and technique to teach the flowing “vinyasa” style of yoga. You’ll learn advance alignment and sequence elements through “creativity bounded by a framework of therapeutic intelligence.” Translation – have fun, let your muse out, but keep it save, deep and healing.

You’ll reinforce your knowledge base of anatomy & biomechanics in a way that makes it truly come alive. Because of the dynamic, physical nature of vinyasa yoga, we dive into modern anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. But, we do it in a way that makes it a lot of fun, highly-experiential and, eye-opening. You’ll not-only delve deeper into the mysteries of the subtle-body, but actually experience how to feel and move prana or lifeforce and teach deeply-transformative subtle-body techniques.

We don’t stop at the modern body. When you study with us, you will explore in greater detail the subtle “energy” body, Chakras, Nadis, Koshas, Vayus, advanced Pranayama (breathing exercises or techniques to “free lifeforce”), meditation, chanting and its effect on the body and mind, mudras, ayurveda basics and so much more. But, you won’t just learn about it, you’ll experience its effect on your body, mind and spirit. Armed with a greater knowledge of both the modern and subtle body, you’ll be able to impact your students’ bodies, minds, spirits and lives on a whole different level.

You’ll have FUN & connect with a wonderful, lighthearted community! When we launched Sonic Yoga in New York’s buzzing Hell’s Kitchen district, we were on a mission to create a super-friendly, non-intimidating, joyous community where anyone, from any walk of life could learn yoga and “fit-in.” We take the impact of the practice seriously, but we take ourselves and our community very lightly. This same warm energy pervades The Center’s teaching certification programs. No doubt, you’ll work very hard, but you’ll also be surrounded by a wonderfully-lighthearted, non-judgmental, energetic community that, very-often, leads to the cultivation of lifelong friendships.

Your investment will be very-affordable and the intensive weekend schedule can fit the needs of even the busiest NYC yoga teacher / practitioner. We realize that most people need to work full-time or care for family, while pursuing their teacher certification. To honor this, we have priced our program extremely competitively and built it around real-life scheduling that is designed to accommodate to a wide range of lifestyles with power weekends, flexible weekly mentor pairings staggered on different times and days and an extensive schedule of yoga classes to choose from. (See right column for local details). In fact, while we are one of the largest, most-established programs in New York City, we are also one of, if not, the most affordable.

You’ll be well-equipped to take your career to new heights or start a career with a strong foundation. During the program, you will learn many powerful techniques to gain in experience, improve upon or build a resume, get a job teaching class and build a private client base. In fact, using many of these tools, our alumni have developed thriving private practices and now teach all over the country and world.
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Our 500 hour Sonic Yoga Advance Studies Program is designed to nourish your personal practice and teaching skills.  It provides 300 additional hours of study for YTT 200HR certified students. The 300 hours consist of 270 hours of lectures and workshops organized into 3 modules and taught by the highly experienced and nurturing Sonic faculty. The remaining 30 hours are to be completed through personal studies that include reading and writing assignments, composing class sequences, and a dharma project of your own choosing.

Throughout the 3 modules you will dive deeper into traditional Yoga philosophy and psychology that will fertilize the soil and strengthen your roots into this foundation. Through practice and student teaching you will further your knowledge in Asana & Foundation (Anamaya Kosha), Flow & Subtle Body (Pranamaya Kosha), and Creativity & Meditation (Vijnayamaya Kosha) – which are the foundation of the 3 modules.

Annamaya Kosha: Anna means food. Annamaya Kosha relates to the physical aspects of the Yoga Sadhana (spiritual practice). In this module we will explore the 4th Limb of Yoga – Asana and related practices including: Advanced Anatomy, Advanced Asana, and Restorative Yoga & Hands on Assists.

Pranamaya Kosha: Prana means energy. It is the vital force that produces the subtle vibrations related to breath and the subtle energy body.  Pranamaya Kosha relates to the breath and the power of Prana. In this module we will explore: Advanced Practices of Pranayama, Advanced Study of the Marma, Nadi & Chakra system, Advanced Sequencing for Flow, and Advanced Ayurveda + Hatha Yoga.

Vijnanamaya Kosha: Vijnana means knowing.  Vijnanamaya Kosha  is the sheath of intuitive wisdom that is underneath the processing, thinking aspect of mind. A major part of sadhana  is gaining ever increasing access to this level of our being. In this module we will explore: Creativity & Theme for Sequencing, Meditation, Philosophy, Personal Sadhana, Study of Sanskrit, and Mantra + Chanting.


Your Guides:
Lauren Hanna
Tracy Mohr
Jeffrey Scott Duval
Keith Partington
Sarah Ireland
Christopher Temple


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200-Hour Yoga Certification.
200-Hour Yoga Certification.