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Are you ready to earn a great living inspiring people, doing what you love and changing lives?

If you’ve ever envisioned yourself teaching yoga or are simply looking to deepen your practice, you’ve come to the right place. Picture this…

It’s 7pm on a balmy Monday night. You walk into a candlelit room, electric with the anticipation of bodies, breath and spirit. Your students fill nearly every inch of floor-space, as you make your way, greeting and hugging half the room, to the teachers’ mat.

Settling in, you share some thoughts, maybe a few chants and focusing breath-work. You close your eyes to hear the deeply-attuned inhales and exhales of 50 students, rising and falling in unison as hearts begin to beat stronger, bodies are set in motion and sweat begins to bead in a juicy, flowing celebration of movement. You ease through the pulsing room, guiding this magical swell of energy, smiling in every cell of your being as you glisten with pride, compassion and energy. This is not just living, this is being alive. Pure ecstasy!

The next morning, you throw on a t-shirt and yoga-pants and head over to meet the first of four private clients that day. Your 7am-er, Annie, greets you with a warm smile and shares a bit about her week, as roll your mats out in a sunny corner of the living room.

You spend the next hour working as a team to gently unwind her body and deliver Annie into a glowing, deeply-relaxed state, before leaving with her eternal gratitude, a warm-hug and $100 in your pocket. Three hours of work later, you end your day at noon, feeling great about the impact you’ve had on four lives… and the $400 in your pocket isn’t so bad, either! Do that five days a week and your four-hour days earn you six-figures… and leave you feeling great about the impact you are having on each person’s life!

Now, ask yourself, would I like this to be my reality? It can be… if you’re ready to make it happen.

The Demand is Large And Growing!

The need for great class teachers and private instructors is quickly expanding from the major yoga hubs in big cities to suburbs and small towns all over the country. Over the last 30-years, millions of people have discovered this amazing practice and, as we experience massive growth in the over-50 population in the next 20 years, millions more will clamor for the healing, stress-relieving, life-enhancing impact. Especially, in a private setting.

So, if you love yoga, if you already talk to everyone you know about it…maybe it’s time to take the next step and invest in a nationally-recognized training program that’ll equip you to ease, at your pace, into the world of teaching yoga classes and private yoga clients. Sounds great, right? So, what’s the best way to get started?

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Finding the “Right” Certification Program is So Important…

EVERY PROGRAM IS UNIQUE – How would you like to take the first step with an internationally-acclaimed, Yoga Alliance-accredited school?

We are The Center For Yoga Studies at Sonic Yoga NYC. We have been training & certifying teachers for over 10 years. We are one of the longest standing Teacher Certification programs in the world. Since 2001, we’ve offered our highly-regarded 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification Program. And, in 2012, we’ll be introducing a number of more-specialized certifications including a full Yoga Alliance Certified Pre-Natal Training and a Sonic Yoga 500 Hour Program.

If you are exploring learning to teach yoga, we’d love to be your teachers, mentors and champions. But, it’s also so critical that you find the program that fits you best. So, here are a few things you should know about our program. When you train and certify with us…

  • You’ll Attend a “Registered” Yoga Alliance school. Why does that matter? While there are no licensing requirements for yoga, Yoga Alliance has established widely-adopted standards for education and certification at the 200 and 500-hour levels. Schools must navigate a rigorous review process in order to become “Registered” and then graduate “Registered Yoga Teachers.” (RYTs). You can “only” become an RYT if you’ve graduated from a Registered Yoga Alliance School. So, if it’s important to you to become registered as a YA teacher, just be sure that any schools you look at not only “follow” the Yoga Alliance standards, but are actually “registered” and accredited by them.
  • You’ll benefit from the experience and reputation of established, internationally-acclaimed school. Over the last 10-years, we’ve graduated almost one thousand teachers and grown from one to six graduating classes a year in two different languages. Why is this sooo important to you? Because, you benefit not only from the experience of our amazing faculty and strong-reputation, but from our voracious quest to constantly improve, add-to and refine the program every time we present it. From cutting-edge presentations to ancient healing mudras, you will experience the best in professional yoga education in an easygoing, super-friendly and supportive environment.
  • You’ll learn to teach & embody vinyasa flow yoga – In our program, you’ll learn how to practice and teach the flowing “vinyasa” style of yoga. You’ll learn to align and sequence every element of the practice in a method we call “creativity bounded by a framework of therapeutic intelligence.” Translation – have fun, let your muse out, but keep it save and healing.
  • You’ll learn anatomy & biomechanics in a way that makes it truly come alive. Because of the dynamic, physical nature of vinyasa yoga, we dive into modern anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. But, we do it in a way that makes it a lot of fun, highly-experiential and, often-times, eye-opening.You’ll not-only learn about the subtle-body, but actually experience how to feel and move prana or lifeforce and teach deeply-transformative subtle-body techniques. We don’t stop at the modern body. When you study with us, you’ll also learn about the subtle “energy” body, Chakras, Nadis, Koshas, Vayus, Pranayama (breathing exercises or techniques to “free lifeforce”), meditation, chanting and its effect on the body and mind, mudras, ayurveda basics and so much more. But, you won’t just learn about it, you’ll experience it’s effect on your body, mind and spirit. Armed with a strong working knowledge of both the modern and subtle body, you’ll be able to impact your students bodies, minds, spirits and lives on a whole different level.
  • You’ll have FUN & connect with a wonderful, lighthearted community! When we launched Sonic Yoga in New York’s buzzing Hell’s Kitchen district, we were on a mission to create a super-friendly, non-intimidating, joyous community where anyone, from any walk of life could learn yoga and “fit-in.” We take the impact of the practice seriously, but we take ourselves and our community very lightly. This same warm energy pervades The Center’s teaching certification program. No doubt, you’ll work very hard, but you’ll also be surrounded by a wonderfully-lighthearted, non-judgmental, energetic community that, very-often, leads to the cultivation of lifelong friendships.
  • Your investment will be very-affordable and, with intensive and extended weekend and evening programs, you can choose the schedule that fits your needs. We realize that most people need to work full-time or care for family, while pursuing their teacher certification. To honor this, we have priced our program extremely competitively and built it around real-life scheduling that is designed to accommodate to a wide range of lifestyles with power weekends, flexible weekly mentor pairings, staggered on different times and days and an extensive schedule of classes to choose from. (see right column for local details). In fact, while we are one of the largest, most-established programs in New York City, we are also one of, if not, the most affordable.
  • You’ll be well-equipped to find a job or start a career. During the program, you will learn many powerful techniques to get experience, build a resume, get a job teaching class and build a private client base. In fact, using many of these tools, our alumni have developed thriving private practices and now teach all over the country and world. Here’s just a sampling of the places our grads have taught:

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Knowing and really connecting with the people you’ll be studying with is so important… don’t you think? Our program is directed by Sonic founder, Lauren Hanna, and is taught along with a small number of wonderful teachers, including Tracy Mohr: Asana, Pranayama and Sequencing, Jeffrey Duval: Asana and Anatomy, Keith Partington: Asana and Foundations, and Sarah Ireland: Asana and Creativity. All handpicked for their advanced knowledge, compassion and ability to inspire and teach teachers.

Since 2001, we’ve graduated hundreds of teachers from all over the United States, France, Spain, U.K., Russia, Hungary, Poland, Israel, Japan, China, Indonesia, Central and South America, the Dominican Republic, Canada and beyond.

In fact, many or our international graduates have flown to New York City just to take our training and bring what they’ve learned back to their home-states and countries.

During your training, you’ll study directly with the school Directors, the dynamic team that heads up Citysearch #1-rated Sonic Yoga NYC and had Yoga Journal proclaiming they “raise the bar for yoga innovation!”

About Lauren — Lauren is the Founder and Director of Sonic Yoga and Center for Yoga Studies. She has taught and trained thousands of students and hundreds of teachers, as well. She studied directly under Shri Dharma Mittra for ten years, before exploring the teachings of a myriad of Vinyasa teachers. Her current teacher, Shiva Rea, she assists on a regular basis and serves as a Teacher Trainer and Mentor in her Prana Flow tm teaching program. Lauren’s passion for the marriage between flow and the subtle body and her depth of knowledge of meditation and practice have led her to be known as one of the very-best “teachers’ teachers.” Lauren also regularly leads international retreats and has been featured in the press, including appearances in The New York Times, Bazaar, Yoga Journal, Time Out NY, Hamptons View and more.

Our Facilities — As our demand for our programs has grown, so, too has our space. All programs are taught at Sonic Yoga NYC’s convenient midtown facilities, with the main studio location at 754 Ninth Avenue at 51st St.


You may be wondering, “Am I ready? Is my practice good enough to do this? Am In strong enough?” We know that some schools require you to be able to perform certain postures flawlessly before you can apply. That’s just not us!

We look at passion, compassion, commitment to learning and living consciously and the desire to share the practice much more than a person’s physical abilities. Many people come to our trainings with widely varying backgrounds, from public school phys-ed teachers who are fairly new to the practice, but want to share it with their inner-city students to people who’ve been practicing a lifetime.

We realized early-on that, if we excluded people based solely on their physical practice or experience-to-date, we would have kept a lot of amazing people with soaring spirits out of the program, so we decided not to set arbitrary posture requirements that really tell us very little about a person’s ability and desire to become a great teacher.
In fact, we’ve had a lot of people in the program with newer posture practices who were looking to simply teach at their current skill level and expand what they teach as their own practice, knowledge and abilities developed. We’ve even had a number of pregnant women and students with a variety of physical challenges complete the program.

That said, the vinyasa style of postures that we teach are physical and dynamic and you’ll be practicing a lot, so the fitter and more competent you are with the basic postures and movements, the more comfortable you’ll feel. You should know the basic postures and movements and have a regular (2-4 times a week) practice, before beginning the program. But you don’t have to be an asana-rockstar to complete the program and change peoples’ lives.

Remember, too, whether you’re newer to the practice or have years under your belt, your physical abilities and practice will be in a very different place by the end of the program!


Completing teacher-training with us is a powerful investment not only in your career, but in your body, mind and spirit.

“…a powerful rigorous vinyasa.” – Yoga Journal
Sonic yoga “raises the bar for yoga innovation.” – Yoga Journal
“Mindbending” – Time Out New York
“Yogic heaven!” Voted #1 yoga studio in NYC 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008, 2009 & 2010 – Citysearch

Would you like to speak to one of our directors? just e-mail to arrange a phone consultation or send questions and we will get right back to you.

Learn & Grow Like Never Before With Our Proven Approach

Check Upcoming Training Dates, Formats and Tuition »

So many people make resolutions every year that fizzle within a few weeks. Make this year different. Take a giant step toward the fulfillment of your happiness and success. And, equip yourself with the knowledge, abilities and community needed to truly have an inspiring, healing impact on those around you.

Our program is already one of the most affordable Yoga-Alliance schools in the New York area, at hundreds and even thousands less than other schools of a similar caliber and reputation. And, if you enroll in time, you can lock in our early-bird tuition discounts of up-to $450!

Even at full-tuition, though, the cost of the investment is modest in light of the future this program will prepare you for. In fact, you’ll likely have earned back the cost of the entire program within the first few dozen private-sessions you teach.

Get A Year Of Yoga For Only $89 a Month After Graduation! 
Limited-Time BonusLock-in Your Deeply-Discounted Unlimited Membership Upon Graduation! As if market-leading training and extremely reasonable tuition weren’t enough, we just love to inspire people to experience the high of teaching. As a special thank you for joining our program, for a very-limited time, you will receive your first 12-months of unlimited yoga, upon graduation, for only $89 a month. If you come three-times a week, that’s nearly 50%-off the drop-in price! Fair warning, though, we do not know how long we can keep this special-bonus available for our program grads. But, anyone who applies and is accepted before the end of year will have guaranteed eligibility, upon graduation.

So, take a look at the dates for our upcoming programs on the top right of this page, choose the one that’s right for you and then take the first-step to a new, more-engaged, fulfilling future. Make life happen!


Check Upcoming Training Dates, Formats and Tuition »


200-Hour Yoga Certification.
200-Hour Yoga Certification.